Friday, November 1, 2013

{ Happy Halloween! }

We had a great Halloween! Baker went as...well, a Baker! It was his first Halloween and I figured this is probably the only time he'll let me dress him this way. He was adorable and loved all the attention! We went trick or treating at my parents house and the neighbors next to them and then we went to Andrew's mom and dad's house for some yummy chili and bread sticks.

When we got there, everyone was taking pictures of Baker, and as you can see, he was hammin' it up for everyone! We trick or treated at a few more neighbor houses and then went home. 

It was so fun dressing him up and easy! I made the little apron and printed an iron on transer that said "Baker" to the front of it (you can't see it in this picture). I used the tutorial from The Train to Crazy to make his little chef hat, and we bought the mini rolling pin from Ikea. He also had a little oven mitt that I made that he refused to wear - silly kid.

I hope your Halloween was great too!


BECKY said...

ADORABLE family picture!

Michelle Day said...

HI! I was finally updating my blog and going through my blog friends. Not too many update anymore, in fact after 10, you were the first one! I do this for the girls. I want them to be able to go back and have an online family album. Thanks for sharing yours!

Jasmine Cook said...

I love your blog ! I found it by looking for bathroom decorations and came up with your yellow theme and couldn't stop reading !