Monday, October 21, 2013

{ DIY Button Earrings }

A couple of months ago I started a little craft group with some friends. We're just a small group who likes to get our craft on from time to time! I almost like the adult interaction more than the craft!  

This month we decided to make button covered earrings and they were so easy! 
I've seen these all over the internet and craft fairs, and I knew they couldn't be that hard - and they weren't!

 these are the pairs my friend Ryanne made - super cute!

You'll also need some:
 E6000 Glue (I've seen some people use hot glue too but I'm not sure it's as strong)
 Needle nose pliers, or wire cutters
Directions: (as explained by Ryanne)
Follow the directions on the back of the cover button kit. There is a template to cut out and use. (Easy peasy directions, don't worry). Once you have completed the directions, use either your needle nose pliers to bend the button loop on the back, or wire cutters to completely cut it off. Then, add a little glue and stick the earring back on and let dry over night. Easy enough? I told you!

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Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

WHO knew...this is an ahhhhh Haaa moment for me. NO MORE BUYING THESE .. Thanks sista for sharing this with your readers.. LOVE LOVE