Monday, October 14, 2013

{ denver }

A few weeks ago Baker and I flew out to Denver to visit Andrew while he was working out there. Flights were so cheap and 90% of the expenses were covered anyway, so we jumped at the opportunity! I wasn't as nervous flying with Baker this time because I knew what to expect and he did great! I'm still so grateful for random acts of kindness from strangers - helping me open the stroller when my hands are full, holding doors open, etc. Traveling alone with a baby isn't easy, but we did it! 
Of course the weekend we were there it was a torrential downpour! Everywhere was flooded - freeways were shut down, people were being evacuated (luckily we weren't in that area and could stay put) but it was scary! I joked with Andrew and said "I didn't know our hotel had a lake view!" (referring to the flooded parking lot). Despite of the rain, we had a lot of fun and visited a lot of the places I remembered as a kid when we'd visit my cousins who lived near Denver. 
The best part was seeing Andrew and being able to spend time with him, especially since he works so hard for us and travels quite a bit!


Anonymous said...

these trips are PRICELESS, time you will never have again! So glad to see you are making memories : ) mom

The Hiatt's said...

I am sure it was nice to get away. How fun! :)