Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{ know me }

I saw this on Simply Modern Mommy and couldn't resist.
Making : a cover for my Sterilite 3 drawer storage cart
Cooking : roasted garlic cauliflower for dinner - makes the house stink like garlic, but it's divine!

Drinking : water (but i'd love a dirty diet dr pepper! yum!)

Reading : Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (so far, so good!) I just finished Saving CeeCee Honeycutt (great, quick read!)

Wanting : a new house with a garage & basement - someday

Looking : at my computer desk, realizing i should have bought the bigger desk top

Playing : with Baker after his nap

Wasting : time on the internet - my achilles heel

Sewing : buntings

Wishing : Baker would fall asleep

Enjoying : spending time with my mom while she's on summer break

Waiting : a mocha freeze from Costco
Liking : the "Something's Gotta Give" soundtrack - French music completes me

Wondering : when we should start trying to get preg again

Loving : my new flat iron. goodbye frizzy hair

Hoping : my weight loss efforts will pay off
Marveling : at my baby boy- he is my joy & my life
Needing : a pool - it is hot!

Smelling : my perfume - cool citrus basil body spray from bath & body works

Wearing : my new metallic platform wedges

Following :

Noticing : my gray hair regrowth - time for a visit to the salon

Learning : how to rip up old tile and re-tile so I can do my bathroom

Thinking : i should get off the computer and do something more productive

Bookmarking : DIY websites (more like pinning)
Opening :  a new package of binkies - who knows where they get lost  
Giggling : at Baker's new tricks & giggles 
Feeling : grateful

Now it’s your turn. Leave me a comment with a link to your site if you do this so I can get to know you too!


BECKY said...

I think if you're wondering about it, you should give it a go sooner than later!

Julie McHood said...

Hey Shan... I love it! all of it. Just put my own version on my blog. I was having a little writer's block of sorts, and it helped! Thanks! :)