Monday, July 29, 2013

{ Baker 5 months }

Oh, little man. Where do I even start? You're growing up too fast - just thinking about it makes a lump form in my throat.

  • You had your first taste of rice cereal this month! The first time we tried it, you were pretty tired and hungry. You didn't like it to say the least. We gave it another shot a few nights later and you gobbled it right up. Now you love it. The trick is feeding you fast enough and keeping your hands out of your mouth! 
  • Your hands are still in your mouth 95% of the time. You prefer them to your binkie, but now, you suck on your fingers with the pads touching the top of your mouth. You must like the pressure on the roof of your mouth. I've even seen you with your thumb in your mouth a few times. A little thumb sucker - just like mommy. 
  • You've also discovered your toes and love to hold them when you're laying on your back. I've even caught them in your mouth a few times! Silly guy!
  • We've been working on saying your consonants lately like ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba, da-da-da, etc. You haven't quite mimicked it yet, but you get a kick out of watching us say it!
  • You take a bottle with formula now, as most of my milk is gone. It's bitter sweet, but I'm glad you nursed as long as you did! 
  • Your activities are sitting in your high chair with toys, sitting up in your bumbo, or "standing" in your johnny jumper and looking around. You're so close to sitting up on your own and you act like such a proud, confident little guy when you practice sitting up! We're so proud of you!
  • Everyone that sees you just gushes over what a happy, sweet, handsome little baby you are. Of course I have to agree and I'm happy to say you're such a good boy!
  • I love hearing your laugh and your funny noises you make. You're such a talker and love to make your voice heard! You also make the funniest faces - your little personality is really shining through!
  • I can't seem to have enough bibs on hand these days- you're such a drooler and love to blow spit bubbles! Everything you wear gets soaked, but as long as you're happy, I'm happy!
  • You experienced your first parade this year and firework show. You didn't like the parade, because it was loud and interfered with your nap time, but you slept right through the fireworks! I hope next year you'll enjoy it more!
  • You love to be outside and love the water - as long as it's nice and warm! It's fun to see you kick and splash when we say "go swimmin!"
Buggy, you are growing so fast! It's hard to imagine you getting any bigger! We love you so much and look forward to every new day we have with you! Love you!


Jennifer said...

So cute! I call Emily "Buggy" sometimes, too.

Anonymous said...

He is so sweet and such a joy to us! Truly a blessing! mom

Jeff Hertzler said...

He is just too cuuuute!