Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{ Baker 4 months }

Oh, my little Baker boy...where has the time gone? It's amazing the changes you have made in the last month. Here are a few new things you've learned...
  • You've started talking a ton & you've really found your voice! You love to tell stories and we talk about your day when I'm putting you to bed at night. Sometimes as I'm trying to get you to go to sleep, I'll talk to you really soft and you'll look up at me, with your great big brown eyes, and softly coo back and give me a sweet smile. It's like you're telling me you love me too, and it melts my heart each time. It's a moment I'll cherish forever!
  • Your favorite things are your hands! It's a rare occurrence when you don't have your hands in your mouth. You also like to suck on your two middle fingers or your thumb, and even though I try to sneak the binkie in your mouth instead, you prefer your hand.
  • I swear you are teething. You drool like crazy and constantly rub your tongue on your top gums. The top is more bumpy than the bottom, but I haven't seen any tooth buds yet! I bet you get your top teeth first!
  • Anytime I put you in your car seat or bouncy seat, you try to sit up. You lean your head way forward like you want to sit up, big kid style. Even though you can sit in your bumbo, you're still too wobbly to sit up on your own. If we set you on the crack where the cushions meet on the couch, it helps support you and you feel like a big kid, sitting "on your own". 
  • Earlier this month, we went on a garden tour and bought a baby carrier for you so I wouldn't have to haul the stroller around. I was worried you wouldn't like it, but you loved it! Daddy came with us and loved carrying you around in it- you thought it was the funnest thing ever and would kick and squeal every time you got in it! 
  • Your long, red, baby hair is starting to fall out and new, softer hair is growing in it's place. It's still red, but it's looking a little more dark. I'll have to cut a lock of your red hair while it's still there!   
You still continue to make us all smile and laugh with your cute little personality. I can't wait to see what the next month brings!                          xoxo, Momma


Anonymous said...

He is ADORABLE!! Your such a good mom. :D

Erin Hiatt

BECKY said...

What a cute kid