Saturday, May 18, 2013

{Baker 3 Months}

"The days go by slow, but the years go by fast!" One of Daddy's coworkers gave me that bit of advice the other day, and boy is that true- and we haven't even reached a year yet! We're at 3 months already?! I can't believe it.
  • You have become such a smiley, vocal little guy! It's my absolute favorite milestone you've reached by far! Each morning, when we get you out of your crib, you greet us with a big ol' smile and sometimes, even a little chuckle or squeal of delight.  When we smile at you, you smile back. We even have little conversations and you tell us stories in your little baby talk.
  • Sometimes when I'm nursing you, I'll look down and you'll be staring up at me, with your big brown eyes, full of love, and give me a big smile as milk dribbles down your cheek.You've really fallen in love with your momma and it melts my heart. 
  • Everyone that sees you always comments on two things- your beautiful red hair, and the fact that you look exactly like Daddy, both of which make you such a handsome little man! Oh, and you definitely have Mommy's brown eyes! 
  • It's finally really starting to warm up and we had our first outdoor play time! You loved being in the warm sunshine and smelled like such a summer time baby with your sunscreen on! I can't wait for this summer to see you splash around in the kiddie pool!
  • Speaking of splashing around, you still love your bathy time! You've started kicking more and surprise yourself when you splash water and it hits your face. Silly guy. 
  • You are such a happy, good baby. You generally sleep at least 6 hours or more straight every night and go to bed like a champ. I will usually nurse you, then cuddle you and sing songs to you while I rock you in the glider. Then, after your swaddled, I give you a kiss, turn off your light, and you fall right asleep. 
  • You're such an alert little guy and love looking at different shapes and colors. You're easily distracted, especially when nursing, but I've become more patient as you unlatch and kink your head to see whatever shape is behind mommy. I love how fascinated you've become by the world around you. I hope you're always curious about new things!
You're such a joy to us Baker. Celebrating my first Mothers Day with you was wonderful and I love being your mom. Love you forever,


Anonymous said...

You guys sure made a CUTE baby :D

-Erin Hiatt

paula said...

3 months already??? Seriously....I keep meaning to call you. He is divine! Yes-the days drag but the years fly. Makes me smile and remember my sweet little ones when they were so young....I hope you're doing well Shan :)