Friday, April 12, 2013

{ ode to thee}

cookie butter i love you,
cookie butter, yes it's true!
on an apple or in a shake,
with some toast or on a cake.
if you haven't tried a bite,
you're missing out, it's dynamite! 

Seriously friends, have you tried this stuff? Andrew's boss gave this to us as a Christmas gift, and it sat unopened in our cupboard, lonely and alone for months. I'd never heard of it, and I'm not really into peanut butter so I wasn't too interested in this. There was a time I almost threw it away, as I was making room in my cupboard for a jar of Ragu. Shame on me.

Then, one glorious day, a friend posted a picture on Instagram and spoke of it's goodness. I resurrected it from the back of the pantry and gave it a try. I kid you not, my life flash before my eyes, and I knew then that this jar of deliciousness would be shared with generations to come. All I could think was, "Where has this creamy goodness been all my life?!" (Apparently at Trader Joes)

A friend asked me what it tastes like and the only way I could describe it was like this...

"It tastes like what I imagine my house made of cookies in heaven will taste like. Creamy goodness with a hint of gingerbread and crushed biscuits. The angels will sing songs of joy as I dip into the walls of my heavenly mansion. #mykindofheaven"

Then in perusing the internet to find pictures of my new favorite treat, I stumbled upon this little gem over at babies design food. 
Sounds uhmayzing, right? 

I might have to make this tomorrow. Sure, it might use the calories I might have used for breakfast and lunch, but it's worth it. Yum-mee!!!!


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, this looks soooo good. Thx for posting!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

GOOD GRAVY SISTER..where do I get that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emily said...

I love your blog design! It is so sleek and classy! I need to learn to do this!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will need to try it! Yumm!

-Erin Hiatt