Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{ oh poop! }

A few days ago I noticed Baker's right eye was getting a little red and more "goopy" than normal. I thought maybe he scratched his eye and so I didn't think much of it. Well, when I went into his room Monday night to feed him, his eye looked awful. You know those eye boogers? Well, they were yellowy and icky and all over his eye. I freaked out and while he nursed I googled "eye infection in infant" and got the crap scared out of me by the response the internet fed me. (Why I do this, I don't know. Note to self- don't use WebMD or Google your childs symptoms and freak out until the actual doctor confirms it!)

Anyway, the next morning, I called our pediatrician first thing and made an appointment to get it checked out. Our appointment was at 10:30 and I noticed Baker hadn't really pooped yet - and this kid is a pooper! I attributed his fussiness to the fact that he hadn't pooped and spent a few minutes doing kicky legs and patting his stomach to get things moving. Usually this does the trick, but still, his diaper remained poopless.

10:30 came and we arrived on time to our appointment, checked in, and then sat in the waiting room. We waited and waited and waited to be called back. Every time we've been to the doctor we've had to wait at least 30 minutes, which is so frustrating. (It might be time to find a new pediatrician).

We finally got called back to see the doctor and the nurse had me put Baker on the scale and then she had me move him to the exam table to take his temperature. I started to lift up his shirt, so she could access his armpit, but she said she needed to take it rectally. They'd never done it that way before and  usually they use the little ear thermometer. I told her he hadn't pooped yet and she said, "Oh, that's okay! This usually gets things moving!"

And boy oh boy did it! She probably had the thermometer in his bum for about a minute when he exploded. I'm talking projectile poop all over the exam table and all over her hand. She jumped about a foot in the air and I was trying so hard not to crack up. I apologized but secretly I was thinking, "HA! Payback for all those times we had to wait!!" Baker seemed pretty proud of himself and was happy as a clam after that!

Luckily, the nurse had a good attitude about it and laughed it off. I cleaned Baker up and waited (again) for the doctor. We found out the poor kid caught a cold in his eye (I didn't even know that was possible!) and it turned into pink eye. Luckily there are drops to help clear it up and he'll be fine.

Funny little pooper guy!


*Katie May* said...

My babies have gotten cold in their eyes. don't knw if you breast feed or not but i would squirt some in the eyes and it worked like magic! Sounds gross but its a natural remidy if he gets pne again might prevent it to going to pink eye:) pretty funny poo story!

The Brady Bunch said...

Poop stories never cease to make me laugh!

BECKY said...

Breast milk helped my girl too when she got the gunk.
What's the news on the acid reflux that everyone thought he had?
Good pooping baker!

Melody Pellegrin said...

That's funny!

IDK, if you are breast feeding, but squirting breast milk into the eye helps too. It's crazy, bu it does.