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{ Homemade Coconut Lime Mint Body Scrub }

I'm so excited to share this guest post with all of you! If you're like me, you love a great body scrub...but hate spending a lot of money expensive spa brands! Michelle Pino of Skana Spa in New York was nice enough to share a great recipe for a homemade body scrub that won't break the bank! P.S. Wouldn't this make a great gift idea? Mother's Day anyone?

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to slough off that winter coat- and I don’t mean your jacket! A coat of dry skin may build up during those long winter months. We will explore a quick, easy way to make a homemade body scrub to reveal your feminine glow. This homemade coconut lime-mint scrub will give you the feel of being on a tropical resort, without the cost of being on a tropical resort. Since all of the ingredients are natural and healthy,  you can use them for cooking and baking- or just save them up for next time you make the scrub.

You will need: 

1 cup Organic Sugar

Sugar will exfoliate dirt and grime from around the pores, which will allow them to breathe. It is important to use organic sugar because other refined sugars contain chemicals like pesticides, which are harmful to the skin. One of the best things about using sugar as am exfoliate is that it will dissolve in the bathtub, which will make clean up quick and easy.

3 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is full of nutrient that will soften your skin, while trailing a beautiful nutty fragrance that lingers for hours. It is important to get the virgin oil, rather than

Note: You may also use macadamia nut oil instead. The idea is to have a light oil that will not overpower the scent of the ingredients.

¼ cup Safflower

This incredibly moisturizing oil will mix with the coconut oil and help to keep it loose and liquid. It will also work to help preserve the scrub longer.

Note: Grape seed oil is a nice alternative.

2 tbsp. Organic Lime Zest

This citrus burst will refresh you every single time. The lime oil also serves as a light toner.

Squeeze of Lime Juice

The juice will brighten and cleanse, while giving the scent a nice tang. Don’t strain yourself too hard to get every drop out of the fruit, a good little squeeze will be fine to add some life in there.

10 drops Peppermint Extract

An inexpensive alternative to peppermint essential oil, this sweet mint extract blends perfectly with the citrus scent and will leave your skin feeling fresh and cool.

How to Make It (watch how easy this is):

Get out a generous size bowl.

Start with the coconut oil. As you spoon the coconut oil from the jar, you may notice that it has solidified. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that it has gone bad. Just warm it up for a few seconds by placing it in a dish in some hot water. It will liquefy in no time.

Add the other wet ingredients to the coconut oil.

Lastly, pour in the sugar. Mix it all thoroughly.

Spoon the scrub into an airtight container. (I prefer to use a Mason Jar, but any airtight container will work!)

Couldn’t get any simpler, right? And let’s be honest, who has time for more? Pamper yourself with this scrub in the shower about twice a week to maintain your silky soft new skin. Keep your scrub away from water, so the sugar does not dissolve. Be sure to use a clean spoon each time to dole it out. It should last 2-3 weeks.
Michelle Pino has provided this article. Michelle is the Spa Manager at Skana spa, a spa in upstate NY, where she is able to use the knowledge she learns at work and share it with others. She is passionate about all things related to healthy living as well as, cooking, baking and reading.

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