Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{ chevron wall }

I love me a chevron print (as you can tell by my header). So much in fact, that I wanted to devote an entire wall in the nursery to it! After all, how hard could it be?

Welllllll (read that in a high pitched voice and draw it out nice and slow)...let's just say it was a labor of love. A love/hate relationship if you will. Loved it after it was finished. Hated it during the process. It was a pain, but well worth it! 

If you're going to tackle this, you'll need a few things- first things first, you need a lot of patience and time. If you rush this, you will have crooked lines. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

You'll also need a level (ours was a 36" level)
Green Frog Tape (so important! the blue stuff isn't as good and lets paint seep through- this green stuff didn't bleed at all and our walls are a bit textured. Trust me)
Pencil & Eraser
Stool or Ladder
Paint (duh)
Paint Brush 
4" foam roller (I thought the foam roller covered nicer than the fluffy roller)

We started by painting all four walls a light, warmer gray. (I can't remember the color but it was a Behr Ultra Premium paint with primer from Home Depot & covered the orange wall beautifully with only 2 coats!)

When that dried, we set out on measuring our pattern. We measured the whole wall across & divided that into how many zig zags we wanted in the wall. So for example, my wall measured roughly 10 feet wide or 120". I wanted my chevron pattern to be fairly wide, so I decided each angle would be 12" wide & make 10 points total (hopefully that makes sense).

We (and by we, I mean the handyman) marked 12" across and made a little notch with the pencil. Then, we measured 8" under each notch and marked it on the wall (I wanted each of my chevrons to be 8" tall). 

Now, here's the important part, you must make sure that your marks are all level or they will be crooked! Level vertically and horizontally! This is where the level comes in!

 Once your marks are all up and everything is level, you're ready to start taping. We put tape in between the lines we weren't going to paint, so we didn't get confused. Oh, and to make sure each point was nice and sharp, Andrew carefully cut each mark with an xacto knife.

 Finally it was all taped up! The easiest part was painting it! 2 coats of white paint later and it was done!
 I let it dry for about 30 minutes and then peeled the paint off (I was impatient and had to see how it turned out). I loved it and decided it was worth all the effort!  


Ashley said...

Wow! Looks SO GREAT! Well done!

Amber said...

It looks so great. I'm trying to talk the hubby into doing this for my boy's room (he has a much better eye than me at getting everything straight and perfect). Thanks for the inspiration.