Saturday, March 9, 2013

{ Baker's Nursery }

I must admit, when I found out we were expecting, I was so excited - not just for a baby, but to decorate a nursery! I could hardly wait to find out what we were having so I knew what direction I wanted to take as far as colors go! (Although designing a gender neutral nursery would be fun!) 

When we found out we were having a boy, we instantly knew his name. Baker, for those of you who don't know, is a family name. It's my mom's maiden name and I've always thought it would be a great first name. I told Andrew years ago that I loved the name Baker and he immediately thought it was cool too. Because the name is fairly unique, we kept it on the down-low until he arrived. Our family only knew his name started with a B, and I knew I wanted to incorporate his monogram in the nursery. 

As you can see, I was definitely inspired by the chevron print. I knew I wanted gray and white walls with hints of turquoise throughout the room. I didn't want it too matchy matchy though, which is why I added pops of other colors in his quilt & in the artwork.
I wanted to make a quilt for my little guy and found a great tutorial for a chevron quilt on Pinterest. Click here for the link. It was my first quilt and it turned out fabulous! I'll post the details of my projects later- for now this is all about the nursery!
 Awhile ago on one of my business trips to Boise, I found an adorable, vintage childrens book called The ABC Book that was in great condition. The framed print is a page from that book. The old truck painting was given to Andrew by his artist friend (it's a painting of Andrew's favorite truck), and used to hang in his office (now the nursery). I loved how it looked so we kept it up! And last, the B is for Baker print is from the On To Baby website. You can find the link to the free printable here. I had mine printed at Costco for about $1.

What do you do with all of your cute cards you get from your baby showers? I pulled some of my favorite and used a wire card holder to display them! It's a fun way to display art in an unconventional way! 
 The changing table hutch is one of my favorite finds, well, besides his crib! I got Bakers crib from my parents neighbors who were having a yard sale. I actually bought it before I was even married! How could I pass up a $60 crib?! And one from Pottery Barn? It's traveled around with Andrew and I from house to house and then sat in our attic for years. When we brought it down, all we had to do was wipe the dust off and set it up! I love it!
The changing table hutch was a classified find. I called the lady and offered her $20 more than what she was asking because it was exactly what I was looking for and I had to have it! After a coat of white & turquoise paint, and it was perfect!
The crate shelves are just that- stacked crates! Cheap, fun, easy shelving for a small area!

Where I found the other items...
Glider: Target 
Curtain Rod: Pottery Barn 
Curtains: Ikea
Shelf above crib: Ikea
Frame with ABC Print: IkeaLamp Shade: Ikea
Crates: Joann
Crib Sheets: Target
Quilt Fabric: Down Under by Mint Blossom
Crib Skirt Fabric: Quilting Cottage


April said...

So cute. My kids certainly don't have the luxury of such a crafty mom with mad design skills. First quilt= very impressive!

Melody Pellegrin said...

Cutest nursery!

clair said...

I love your chevron quilt! I love the colors you used and the fabrics. Adorable!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love Baker's Nursery .. He is already a blessed little guy. I love the chevron pattern on the wall. YOU did an amazing job. I love it all and the color pallet that you choose.. Just beautiful !!! Lucky little boy .. HOpe that you have a blessed new week . .Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

BECKY said...

GREAT job on the quilt. It's bomb.
And that's hilarious you've had the crib this whole time!