Monday, December 17, 2012

{ favorite thing holiday swap! }

Oh Jennifer, how you spoiled me! 
Seriously friends, she went above and beyond! 
Truth be told, I got her package before I sent mine out (I blame my tardiness on being sick!)  She sent my goodies in a super cute, perfectly sized Christmas box, which isn't shown here... because I used it to mail her package in! 
Way to recycle, right? HA! Honestly, the day I got her package I was trying to fit my stuff into a flimsy ol' box, worrying about it breaking and bending, and her box was so festive and sturdy and perfect, so I used it!  
Jennifer was so creative with her gifts! Everything was packaged sooo cute - especially the way she addressed it! 
She filled the box with glittery, mini ornaments, mini candy canes, and delicious peppermint Ghirardelli squares (those went fast!) Among all the fun, festive things she sent, she also included a little book for my baby boy! How thoughtful!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it all! 

Who else has received their swap packages? If you haven't sent yours yet, you still have time! Better late than never, right? Merry Christmas everyone!


AngelaBeth said...

Oh so fun! I love her handwriting on the package address.

My swap buddy never emailed me back. :( Anyone else have the same problem and I can send something to them?

Jennifer said...

So glad you liked it! I had been worrying you didn't receive it, so it is a relief to see you got it!

The Vreelands said...

I got mine! It was amazing. I added you to my blog list so you can check out what I got. Sara did a really good job. Thanks for doing was fun.

Also, congrats on the baby boy! You guys are going to make amazing parents!

clair said...

Thanks for doing this, Shannon! Making and receiving a box full of goodies has been awesome!

Angie said...

Yes! I received mine, Clara also message me that her box that I sent out was delivered. FUN! Thanks for letting me participate :)

Fanus Heyns said...

Very creative