Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{ numb hands }

I stayed home from work today to go to the doctor and catch up on the 6 hours of sleep I missed out on last night. 

Nothing is terribly wrong, but I wanted to get it checked out, just in case. 

It started a few weeks ago, when my hands (particularly my right hand) started going numb at night. Not just a little tingly numb, but a throbbing, painful numbness that wakes me up every hour and no matter what position I'm in, won't go away. 

Last night was by far the worst. I've started sleeping with two pillows under my head and a body pillow. I thought I found a position (which was totally uncomfortable) that would keep my hand from falling asleep, but alas, it did not work. 

I work up about 30 minute after going to sleep with a throbbing hand. Each time, I'd have to get up, walk around and shake my arm to get it to feel somewhat normal, although it still felt slightly tingly.

This happened every hour. I'd get about 20 minutes of sleep and wake up.

Finally, I used all the pillows we have (except for the one Andrew was sleeping on) and tried to prop myself up to sleep. That was at 5:00.

By the time the sun rose, I was so tired and my hand hurt so bad, I wanted to bawl. I text my boss and let her know what was going on. 

I'm 24 weeks and the doctor said that while it was a tad bit early to swell up, I wasn't really that swollen. He said he thought it was pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. He recommended a brace and told me to sleep in a recliner (which we don't own). 

So, here I am, propped up in bed with a dozen pillows, trying to type with this brace on my wrist. 

I'm praying this works! Have any other mamma out there experienced this? What did you do? If you tell me to just suffer through it, I'll punch you in the kidneys.


Julie said...

Hey Shannon! Thanks for all the comments on my blog the other day! {I hope you had a chance to look for fabrics at the quilting cottage!} Sorry about your wrist...I don't have any good advice. :( Hang in there though....

ruthy ann said...

oh's the worst. I started to see a chiropractor for it (which helped a bit)...but i'm still seeing a chiropractor (9 weeks postpartum) and it no longer hurts but my hands still go numb from time to time. sucks.

Cameron and Nonie said...

Try a massage. My arms and hands go numb a lot because the nerves in my shoulders and neck are being pinched. My massage friends says a lot of "carpal tunnel" issues are just because of tight shoulders. Give it a shot and good luck. Sleep is a hard thing to be missing out on. :)

Jason and Kate said...

You might have to punch me in the kidney because it freaking sucks! I had the same thing when I was pregnant with my twins ( they are 5 months). It started with one hand but moved to both. Completely numb for months!!! I wore a brace on both hands day and night but started to just wear at night because I realized it didn't do much during the day. I would elevate hands at night usually switching off after changing sides or even just try to fall asleep with hand in air. :) needless to say I did lose some, okay a lot, of sleep. It freaking hurts and I couldn't do much with my hands. Even putting makeup on was a challenge. Mine went away about a month after delivering. Yeah, changing diapers and snapping onesies was difficult. I'm so sorry. I did get a monthly massage while pregnant and for a minute it helped but still numb. I hated when people said hang in there so I'll just say that sucks. Lol. I just hope your feet don't get like mine do while pregnant. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Still numb a lot after baby#3 but notice a lot when I'm on the computer or crafting. Sorry does suck!