Thursday, September 13, 2012

{ Pregnancy Diary : 16 weeks }

A friend of mine chronicled her pregnancy week by week, and I always thought that was such a fun idea to look back on, so I'm doing the same!

  • Tomorrow marks 16 weeks! I can't believe I've had this baby in me that long. Everyone is telling me to go to the mall and visit one of those fetal photo places to see if they can tell what I'm having, (since my doctor appointment isn't until October) but for right now, I'm ok with not knowing, even though I'm dying to decorate this nursery!  
  • I'm finally starting to feel relief from the nausea! I went from feeling pukey 24-7, to now only a few hours a day, and my energy levels have shot way up! Thank you 2nd tri! 
  • When did you first feel your baby move? I'm 99% sure I've felt the baby move a few times. I was at work the other day and it was a few hours after lunch, when I suddenly felt something weird deep inside my stomach...fluttery almost. I immediately paused what I was doing and of course, it went away. About 30 seconds later, I felt it again. It's the strangest feeling in the world! It stopped for a bit, so I pushed back, and then felt it again! It was amazing and so neat. I've felt it here and there since then, and I look forward to more movement and stronger pushes!
  • My bladder has officially shrunk to the size of a pea- I have to go to the bathroom all the time! Oh, and I've learned to brace myself and squeeze my legs together when I sneeze so I don't pee a little (isn't it too early for that!?).  
  • My doctor told me I probably have rhinitis of pregnancy, which explains why I feel congested all the time. The humidifier and saline spray helps, but it really hasn't been terrible- just a little uncomfortable, as I hate not being able to breathe through my nose and I sound so nasally.
  •  I'm feeling moodier than ever these days (sorry honey) and find myself either totally irritable or weepy or super happy all the time. Those three emotions go in waves, and at all times, I feel totally out of control of them.
  • A few people have told me to buy a body pillow for night time, and I'm starting to think I should. I worry about sleeping on my back, but my body just naturally wants to lay that way. We finally invested in a king size mattress (don't ask why we waited so's mahvelous) but I still find myself tossing and turning at night. Oh, and my dreams keep getting crazier and crazier, but I'm okay with that...just not the tossing and turning. Suggestions??
  • I crave skim milk and potatoes like crazy. Weird, right? Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, etc. I gotta have 'em.


Alexandra said...

First off, Congratulations, so glad you're feeling better!! Second, body pillow for sure, or if you've got the means one of those special pregnancy pillows that wraps all the way around you! My OB said it was also safe to take Tylenol PM to help me sleep, I only did a few times when I couldn't get comfortable and it worked great. Check with your OB of course! Even though it's a pain to get up and go pee, be sure to drink plenty of water, I would get the WORST charley horses while I was pregnant. So bad sometimes the pain would linger through the day, not fun!

emily/thesearethedays said...

Go get a pregnancy body pillow today! I put it off week-after-week and, looking back, I should have just done it instead of waiting and wishing I had! It's the first thing I will do if there's a baby number two.

Julie J. said...

I'm thinking it's a girl because she was in my dream... How is the installation of those rain gutter sprinklers going anyway?

{B} said...

My bladder has actually gotten better now that they've lifted off it. Thank goodness! I have rhinitis too...i'm either stuffy or constantly hacking up phlegm...yum. I freaking WISH we had a king size bed....i'd kill for one. I'm sleeping lighter than I ever have and John is snoring louder than he ever has so I find myself ending up on the couch a lot. I'm buying earplugs after work today...

Tai and Joe said...

Congrats. i am so happy for you. I slept on my back the whole time I was pregnant and my doctor told me it was totally fine. There really isn't a comfortable position to sleep in. I wished I would have gotten the body pillow to sleep with. I will for sure next time. So happy for you.

BECKY said...

so fun!

Lisa K said...

I craved potatoes big time too! Go to my recipe blog because there are tons of potato recipes there due to my pregnancy cravings.

Melody's Voice said...

The dream, of the dreams of pregnancy. Some of mine were do wired (and naughty) that I would never dare speak of them to anyone.

Rolling to your back while sleeping: my body did this. It was fine until about 6 months in when I felt like I had a king collapse from the weight. And, even though I had a body pillow I still rolled onto my back.

I look forward to reading these and reliving my pregnancy through yours. Enjoy it!

Mands Glenn said...

Im so happy you are doing this. I love reading about pregnancy and babies and stuff. I totally had crazy dreams too. I had one where my baby was a born a mermaid. ha! Another one where I felt like my baby was trying to scrape itself out through my stomach with her nails. So weird!!

Love that you guys got a king size bed. I remember when we went from a queen to a king my whole life changed.

Still so excited for you Mama. You are going to be the sweetest, coolest Mama. Enjoy all of those flutters and pregnancy moments. They are the best!

The Laidlaws said...

I love this Shan! Reminds me of my own pregnancy. And glad to hear you're feeling better and feeling the baby move. BEST FEELING EVER! Just wait for those kicks. :) Ok a few things. My friend had rhinitis. Sucks! But it went away the day she gave birth, so there is an end in sight. And girl, just invest in the body pillow now cuz in a few more weeks you'll NEED it. it's honestly the only thing that got me through the night. And the nightmares? Oh the nightmares!!! Mine were SO awful. And I noticed they were directly linked the last shows I watched before I went to bed.