Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{summer concert time = brandi carlile love}

If you know me, you know I love a good concert and even more than that, I love the outdoor concerts at Red Butte Garden.

Last Sunday, my mom and I attended Brandi Carlile's concert. It was amazing! She puts on such a great concert and seeing it with my mom was the icing on the cake! If you've ever been to a concert at Red Butte, you know you have to get in line early to ensure you get good seat at the concert.

My mom had to teach, so I drove up by myself at 4 (the gates don't open till 6) and thought I was there way early...turns out I was there just in time to get an ok spot in line! The weather was perfect for waiting, as it was a little overcast/rainy and cleared up just in time for the concert! As soon as the gates opened and we were herded in to the amphitheater, I parked our chairs in our usual spot and a few minutes later my mom found me.

One of my favorite things about Red Butte is that you can pack your own picnic and bring it in! It's always fun to get yummy drinks, fancy cheeses, olives, dried meats, and crackers and dine outdoors, so when my mom had packed just that, I was thrilled! She even brought a little tiramisu cake for us to share! My favorite!

The night was perfect and I got to share it with my favorite person! Towards the end of the night, Brandi played her most popular song and one of my absolute favorites- The Story, and thankfully, some awesome person in the front row shot this video to put me right back in the moment!


cathycan said...

These concerts are some of my favorite things, I look forward to that first concert as soon as the last one ends, it's become an essential part of summer! I am soo grateful I have you to go with! Dad would not enjoy hanging with the "arts and croissant crowd" for an evening ; )
I was a great concert!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shanon! Are you remember me? And my bad english?
I Am sandy from Mexico!
I am happy for you and Andre about the baby, is the most wonderfull in the world!
And...i love brandi Carlile, the Story was the song in my video weDing!
Congratulations for the baby! Enjoy!