Saturday, May 12, 2012

{a random change}

When I first started blogging, I would do these little "getting to know you" surveys all the time and post them. I like reading about other people, so you should do this too- then leave a comment so I can read yours!

1. What is the best (or your favorite) book you have ever read and why? A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel. Seriously, the funniest book I've ever read. I love this girls style of writing and I read it anytime I need a good laugh. 

2. What is your favorite meal to cook? Favorite or easiest? It seems one in the same- recenly I've been making this yummy beany salsa. Not really a meal but it's so good and so reminds me of summer! 
- 1 can black beans drained                      - 1/4 c diced nacho jalepenos
- 1 can corn drained                                  - 3 tbs balsamic vinegrette
- 2 cups diced roma tomatoes                   - 2 tbs olive oil
- 1 bunch of cilantro chopped                   - 1 tbs sugar
- 1 clove of garlic, minced                        - salt and pepper to taste
- mix together & allow to sit for one hour before serving. I like to serve with Fritos Scoops. YuM!

 If you could have lived in any other era which would it have been?  Have you seen Midnight in Paris? It's like my favorite movie - I'd love to live in Paris in the 1920's. Or maybe California in the 1950's...although, I'd probably be one of those feminist housewives, not conforming to ironing my husbands clothes and having dinner on the table by probably the 20's when I could rebel and cut my hair into a bob and do the Charleston. 
Who have you been told you look like? Jennifer Capriati - only when I was about 50lbs thinner. 
5. Favorite TV Show?
Modern Family, hands down

6. What brings you inner peace?
Valium. Ha- seriously though, it does. Also inspirational quotes, scriptures, and listening to others and trying to believe when they tell me things will all work out how they're supposed to.

  Tell me something you're good at.  C'mon, brag!  I'm a heckuva recorder player. Hot Cross Buns, Oats Peas Beans are a few of my specialty songs. Also, people tell me I'm good at decorating.
Ever chopped your hair super short?  Pictures? OMG, yes. Right after I got married. As if marriage wasn't change enough? I chopped my hair. Never. Again.
What is included in your vision of "The Perfect Day? I'm pretty sure I experienced that while I was in California with my mom. I was with a person I love, doing fun things, in a beautiful place. 
What piece of furniture in your house is your favorite or that you are most happy with? (picture?) Probably my office desk - it's made of an old door, two file cabinets & some glass. Read about it here.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, who would go with you and how long would you like to stay? Paris, with my husband, and I would buy a house so I could visit with amyone as often as I wanted.