Sunday, May 27, 2012

{california love - girls trip 2012}

The gals, driving the streets of L.A. stopped at a traffic light- quick! Take a picture! 

Last year, my mom and I were supposed to fly to Sacramento to spend a long weekend at a cabin on a lake with her cousin. It was a girls getaway and we were so looking forward to it! Sadly, my mom's uncle passed away the week before the trip and we ended up driving to southern California with my aunt and grandma for the funeral.

Fast forward to this year. As time passed, those flight vouchers started to burn a hole in a pocket- my dad's pocket (no they weren't his tickets, but they sure were on his mind!) My dad started hinting to my mom that they should use the tickets to go on a trip, and my mom quickly reminded him that those were girl trip tickets! She knew she had to act fast and with Andrew and I being so gung-ho (is that the right spelling?!) about getting pregnant, she invited me to go along. Who knew when we'd have another opportunity, especially if I got pregnant. Well, little did we know, I would get pregnant before the trip, and although the pregnancy didn't last, the trip came at a perfect time.

Two days after I began to miscarry, my mom and I left for our California getaway, and let me tell you, it was just what I needed to heal & get my mind off things. I had the time of my life, laughing, talking, and being with my best friend. Here's a little recap and favorite moments of our trip...
Riding the ferry to Balboa Island. So, so pretty. Oh how I wish I could buy one of the cottages on the island!
Of course, we had to stop and get a frozen banana from Dad's. So delicious! My cousin, who showed us around that day, used to live in the apartment above the ice cream store! How fun, right?
If you're ever in Southern California, you must visit Descanso Gardens. Thanks to my mom's Red Butte Garden membership, we got in free! The gardens were beautiful, but my favorite part was touring the Boddy House, which is located on the property. In 2007, Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts chose the Boddy House to be transformed into its 43rd annual Pasadena Showcase House of Design. (The interiors were so beautiful, they deserve their own post).
Another highlight of the trip was visiting the The Getty Villa in Malibu. Another must see if you're in So Cal. When we got home and I was reviewing my pictures, I started noticing most of the pictures I took at the Getty were of the statues. The male statues... that were nakie. Bah ha ha ha ha! Maybe my subconscious was missing my husband?! Who knows...pretty funny coincidence though, right? Lol!

I loved the entire trip! Mom, thank you so much for inviting me and for creating memories I'll never, ever forget!


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What a fun girls weekend!

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Such great pics Shan. I love Cali. Glad you had a good time. Road trips w/ mom are the best!