Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{that time I got acupuncture, part one}

If you haven't heard, Andrew are in the process of adopting. It's a long, long process- one that you should be totally invested in. One thing they tell you is to make sure all of your eggs are in one basket. Don't be riding the fertility treatment train if you're also planning on making stops at adoption town (great analogy, right? ha!). You get what I mean, right?

The hubs and I talked about this the day we got home from the adoption orientation. Were we really fully invested? Yes, we think we are. Is there anything besides InVitro that we haven't tried yet? No, we've tried it all...meds (holistic and traditional), shots, pills, massage, reflexology, IUI, etc. I was checking my email as we discussed this and when a city deal appeared in my inbox, I suddenly remembered one thing we hadn't tried. Acupuncture. The thought of multiple needles sticking in me made me a little apprehensive, but I thought, "Hey, at least I can say I tried it, right?" One last effort, and by golly if the city deal wasn't just for that!

I immediately bought the deal. Half off your consultation and treatment. I called and made my appointment for the following Monday.

I went during my lunch hour and had told my co-workers about the appointment. The ones who had previously had acupuncture told me about their experiences. They said it helped them heal (mainly with pain) and was totally relaxing. Others who hadn't had it done had the same worries I did.

I arrived at a little office in Cottonwood. The doctor was a nice, young guy who just recently opened his practice. I told him about my fertilitiy issues, PCOS, and what I've tried so far. He told me how acupuncture worked (increased blood flow, etc) and that he'd only be placing the needles below the elbow and below the knees (which was a relief, as I didn't want to get nakie). The room was a relaxing shade of sage green, softly lit with a paper lantern. The shades were turned to block the light and someone had sewn a canopy that filtered the florescent lights out of black, green, and tan printed fabric that I recognized from Ikea. It was nice and relaxing and I wondered if it was harmonious with feng shui design. All it needed was a little fountain of some sorts.

I laid down on the padded massage table and before I knew it, I had a dozen or so needles in me in various spots on my arms and legs that corresponded with my reproductive areas. I half expected to feel a poke or a pinch in my womb area when the needles were inserted, but I was surprised that it didn't hurt at all, and once they were in, I couldn't even feel them. He dimmed the lights, shut the door and left me to meditate. The relaxing music of chinese violins and flutes lulled me into a deep state of relaxation and I tried to invision myself pregnant. You know the power of positive thinking? All the "if you wish it, it will come" type of thinking? That's what I was trying to do. About half way through my meditation, I began to hear the sound of children. First it was quiet and then began to increase. Not giggling, sweet voiced children, but screaming and yelling children. "What the heck?" I thought. I thought maybe I had taken my power of positive thinking too far and was having some weird hallucinations about kids until I realized the office window was about 15 yards from a school and the kids were out for recess. I tried to ignore then and then thought I'd try to incorporate the sounds of the kids into my positive thinking (yay kids! I love kids! even screaming kids at recess!), but really, all I wanted to hear was the chinese flute as I invisioned a fetus growing inside of me. Not kids yelling, fighting over a game of dodge ball. 

When it was over, the doctor came back into the room, removed the needles (again painless) and I left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and anxious for my next treatment....


One Fish said...

I personally think the "eggs all in one basket" thing is total bull. I've adopted once and I've given birth once and I'm attempting to adopt again. I am extremely committed to adoption and I have no hesitations about "visiting adoption town" again but I've learned it is okay to be open to wherever my babies are coming from. If I have learned anything from this journey, it is that I am not the one in charge. Heavenly Father will send my babies however they need to get to me and it's perfectly fine to be on board with all directions.

Shan @ Design Gal said...

I totally agree! It really bothered me when they said that, but the hubs and I talked and we decided we're going at this however we see fit- like you said, Heavenly Father will send my babies however He sees fit! :)

Shan @ Design Gal said...

I totally agree! It really bothered me when they said that, but the hubs and I talked and we decided we're going at this however we see fit- like you said, Heavenly Father will send my babies however He sees fit! :)

Julie J. said...

Matt and I were talking earlier today about how we had tried everything... But now that I read this, there is something I didn't try... Acupuncture!
And I totally agree with the comments. Heavenly Father is the maker of the plan, be open to his plan in any way you can.