Monday, March 5, 2012

{the night the hubs thought he was dying}

Ohmuhgosh- is anyone else out there plagued with sickness?! Our family has been struck with one vicious bug. Andrew came down with it Friday night. Have you ever seen the "Man Cold" video? Well, it was like that but x10. (If you haven't seen it, please watch before proceeding. Makes me laugh every time!) Poor hubs was so sick. He woke up in the early morning hours coughing, which naturally woke me up (I'm such a light sleeper) so I got him some liquid meds and we went back to sleep. A few hours later I heard him dressing for work & told him it would probably be best to take a sick day. Being the tough guy he is, he shrugged it off. (The man has never, in the entire time we've been married taken a sick day). Even with a bit of a fever, he marched on to work. I called him later in the day to see how he was feeling. He didn't sound so good when he answered. He was sick- very sick. So sick in fact that he came home early, showered, and went straight to bed. He slept for the rest of the day & I slept in the guest room that night.

About 4:00 in the morning, my phone rang. At first I was startled and worried. After all, who calls that early unless it's bad news? When I saw it was Andrew I was confused.

Me: "Hello" (groggy voice)
Him: "I need help..." (sounding desperate)

I hung up thinking that maybe he'd thrown up or fallen or something. I went into our bedroom to find him sprawled out on the bed, with the back of his hand draped across his forehead, lying there in agony. At first, the sight almost made me laugh. Here was my big, buff handyman laying in such a dramatic pose, but then I realized he was in real pain. He told me he had called out for me. He said, "shan....Shan....SHAN!" but I didn't come. So he dialed my number (I'm dead serious- now you can see why I referenced the Man Cold! Ha!)

He was on fire and he told me he thought he was dying (another Man Cold reference). He said he needed to go to the ER. He was genuinely scared and dead serious. (See, I'm not the only dramatic one when I'm sick). I told him he wasn't dying, but we needed to take his temperature. Unfortunately at the time, we didn't own a thermometer (I guess that's a must have when you have kids, which we don't, thus the lack of one in the house), so I told him I'd be right back and went out to find one...which proved almost impossible at 4:00 on a Sunday morning.

First, I ran over to Fresh Market (formerly Albertsons) and while there were about 4 cars in the parking lot and all of their lights were on, they were closed. Crap. So I drove 4 miles in the opposite direction to Walgreens (which I thought were all open 24/7) but sadly, they were also closed, as was Maceys Grocery store (which is usually open 24 hours...except on Sundays). At that point, I was out of options. As a last resort, I called my neighbor on the way back to my house to see if she had a thermometer we could borrow. I felt horrible calling at that hour, but I was desperate. She said she'd look & right then I spotted a 7-11. Much to my surprise, they actually had one! Hallelujah! I quickly text my friend and told her never mind and sorry for waking her up. When I got home, we took his temperature- it was 102, which really isn't good but it also wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. At least not bad enough to constitute an ER visit.

You see, I really didn't want to pay the $100 copay at the E.R. (Am I a terrible wife to think of the cost before my husbands health? Honestly, if I really thought he was in danger, I wouldn't have questioned it...probably) So I suggested we call the 24 hour nurse hotline that my insurance offers. The nurse eased his nerves and told us he'd be ok- just take 800mg of ib profin and if the fever persists the next day, to go to instacare.

Long story short, he took the pills, we both went back to bed & when I got home from church the next day I took him to instacare. Turns out he had a double ear infection & the Dr gave him some strong meds. Poor guy was so sick....and then he gave it to me. So here I am, sore throat, headache, & tossin' my cookies. I went to the Dr. tonight to see if it was strep (since those are classic strep symptoms for me) and sadly, the rapid strep test came out negative. (Don't you hate going to the Dr when they tell you it's probably just a virus?)

So I'm waiting it out- hoping the strep culture they sent to the lab comes back positive (so at least I can say "see, I thought so!") and also hoping it all just goes away soon! Hope you don't get sick too! Happy Monday :)


Jen said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry you're both sick!
Give yourself a laugh and watch this (if you can understand the Irish accent!)

paula said...

We have something fierce running rampant in our house too! My pre-schooler got it first and has passed it around to us. Ugh. At this point I'm praying my hubs doesn't get it because if I have to take care of sick kids while being sick myself, I'm going to cry. I hope you get feeling better soon :)


The Author said...

I consider the copay and did it with my kid two weeks ago. We were walking out of an eye appointment, in the hospital parking lot, when child 1 busted his head on a side view mirror. Blood started gushing everywhere and we ran into the ER. I told the triage I wouldn't even tell her my name until I saw a doctor to tell me if we needed to be there. I was not paying $150 to be told to put a band-aid on it. He needed two staples.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Being sick stinks.

The J J Glenn Family said...

I love your stories. Damn Utah for not having anything open on Sundays. Sorry girl. We have been so so sick in this house too. I just called off January as Sick Month. Ughhh and we did have strep, scarlet fever, colds, and flu bugs all going around. Not so fun! Get better and watch some good shows on Netflix. Is this bad,but I always loved after I was sick with the flu bug, because I usually dropped a few pounds. ha! Get better
Coke Slurpees always cure everything for me. Just so you know and wanna try

Shayner and Ern said...

It it is totally going around, Shann. I was sick all last week with the FLU AND STREP. It is terrible.
I am sorry you guys don't feel well. Let me know if you need anything. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm dying laughing here (of course only now that I know your hubby wasn't actually dying). My hubby is sitting next to me right now complaining that he is so sick. Um, he doesn't have a fever and has a little tummy ache. Men!

So sorry you aren't feeling well. Take it easy!


Allisha said...

Lol. So funny. We had the same all last week. The three boys and I. Hubby didn't get it. Thought he did because he had a sore throat. Glad he didnt get it because it would have been the same senario as your house. Tell Andrew I took care of a five, two and 5 month old while having it and zero help. (because I didnt want anyone to get it). I was so excited to have Johns help on Sarurday only to find he had to go help someone move for four hours. ;(. No fun. Miss you.

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