Sunday, March 11, 2012

{a few thoughts}

Sometimes I just want to write and not worry about making it entertaining or funny. Most of the time, if I do just write random thoughts down, I don't end up posting them here. Well, I'm changing that. It's my blog and I'm letting my thoughts flow. Read on if you'd like.

I was reminded of a few things this week & these two quotes summed them up perfectly.
 Earlier last week I heard about an old acquaintance that had died. We went to the same church when we were kids & since we both went to different schools & lived in different neighborhoods, we didn't keep in touch. Hearing of his passing was really hard for me. The circumstances were incredibly unfortunate and while I was really sad for his friends & family, I was also angry. I speculated about what could have possibly caused him to take his own life. It made me think about intolerance, about misunderstanding & nonacceptance. I let myself dwell on this for awhile and then realized that it wasn't my place to speculate or judge.As someone who's struggled with depression personally, I was really upset to hear of another person succumbing to the hurt and pain. It's just really unfortunate.

It made me think a lot about life & our purpose. I thought about happiness and the things that truly make me happy. I also thought about making others happy. I realized I need to focus more on others- helping & serving. Random acts of kindness. Doing something every day that makes me happy & making time for the things that make me happy.

This is the other quote that really hit home...

So very true. Things are sometimes said in the heat of the moment. I'm guilty of not thinking before I speak from time to time. Don't we all? Lessons were learned and apologies made. I appreciate a good apology- it takes a lot to say you're sorry- even if you're not the one entirely at fault. It shows good character & no hard feelings. 


BECKY said...

blogs about you are way more awesome than blogs trying to impress. :) i'm excited to hear more about life!

The Author said...

I love this, all of this. I've spent the most difficult year of my life fighting depression and I'm finally starting to recover. I felt a lot of anger and guilt to go with it, I have so much I should be happy about, why couldn't I just be happy?! I've also lost a lot of friends because they couldn't understand why I couldn't just choose to be happy as well. Their judgement made my journey so much harder, and very lonely. Now I feel sad that they are missing out on the vest best version of me that I have ever been.

I am so sorry about your friend, I pray that you, and his family, will find some peace and comfort.

cathycan said...

Yea Sis!! I learned to be the first to apologize a long time ago...the only problem is doing it with your dad hahaha
It's hard not to get very sad and mad over all the injustices and cruelty we see everyday. all you can do is be the change you want to see.
Let's have fun together!!