Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{valentines print freebies}

I was browsing around Pinterest tonight and I realized that I haven't put any of my Valentines Day decor up. I thought about going through the attic to get it out when I realized I don't have much when it comes to Valentines decor.There are so many easy, fun projects out there too, and I feel like I don't have much of an excuse. Growing up, my mom always had cute decorations up. It wasn't overdone, but it was just enough to be festive and noticable.

So in an effort to make some quick Valentines decor tonight, I worked on a few easy prints. The beauty in these prints is that you can easily keep them in a frame and switch out pictures. Easy storage, right?

(sorry for the blurry picture! blogger is uploading my images all funky...)

Feel free to download (for personal use only, please)! Each image measures 8"x10"

Click HERE to download C'est si bon (right)
Click HERE to download Dedicated to the one I Love (center)
Click HERE to download the Love Languages (left)


i'm jess said...

So cute, you are so talented... I love them all!

cathycan said...

those are soo cool!!! and what a great idea, to switch out for holidays. Glad you enjoyed the Valentine dinner! the pleasure is always mine : )