Monday, January 30, 2012

{before there was pinterest}

Back in the day, I used to browse through my moms magazines, and when she was done with them, I'd tear out pages that I loved and place them safely between sheet protectors in my huge black binder.

This came in pretty handy when I started design school. One of our projects was to create an inspiration book- little did my professor know, I had already created about 4 of them! 

I loved these binders and I'd often browse through them, replacing pages with new ones and keeping the pages I cherished most towards the front of the notebook. I'd save projects that I loved, pretty pictures, ideas, and images that inspired me. I hadn't looked at that binder in years, and when I found it as I was de-cluttering my craft room, I was surprised at how much I still liked the images I'd picked 8 years ago! Funny how our taste may change, but the root of our attraction to things is buried deep in us. 

As much as I love this old binder, it's not very practical for summoning quick inspiration. After all, I'd forgotten about it before I stumbled upon it tonight! I guess that is the beauty of pinterest and other social media sites. We can tag, pin, and post pictures instantly and they're neatly organized to can be viewed anywhere. 

Still, I'm having a hard time parting with my notebook. The nostalgic part of my brain is telling me to keep it, while the other minimalist part is telling me it's cluttering up space and I probably won't even look at it for another 8 years. 

What would you do?


jeanine said...

I don't have the space for all the torn out magazine pages I want to keep so I scan the pages into my computer and store them on my hard drive in folders according to the project or room type.

It's not the most fun project to do but I watch tv or a movie while I scan to help pass the time. After that you could still put them on pinterest.

pollydove said...

Oh my word, McCall and I were just talking about this. I have notebooks too (and I still look at them and LOVE them). McCall said she thought I should keep the notebooks because "what happens when Pinterest is NO MORE and all of your ideas you pinned are gone?"

I guess it could happen, right? (Do you think there will come a time when we can print our Pinterest boards?!?!? Now that would be COOL!)

Emily Stearley said...

I keep binders just like this. I have four...each with a different theme. I'll never get rid of them. In fact, I've been tempted to print things out that I see on Pinterest and put them in. There's something about flipping through a binder filled with sheet protectors that you just can't beat.

Carrie said...

Scan your favorites and save them, name the file similar to a pinterst description. You would end up with something searchable and keep your inspiration.

Jen said...

I have a binder too! I keep mine 'cause I love the pictures I have. I say if you love the pictures and you won't be able to pin them in a digital form, keep them!

BECKY said...

Mine isn't that huge, but I keep mine. I prefer to minimize and not be able to "pin" everything that is pretty. I like to edit, edit, edit and only keep select ones.

Alexis said...

if you don't think you'll look at it again, I'd say goodbye to it, but first I'd try to find them online and Pin them to pinterest.

Mills1 said...

I had a book like this!!! Must find it. I know it is safe in my attic.. seeing this makes me realise that yours is also way more professional. LOL Was in Salt Lake last year. Loved it. Incredible diachotomy of buildings.

Labor Posters said...

It's okay to collect some favorite design or pictures in magazine and after that i scan and save it to my computer and after that i cut them into pieces some of them i fold it and that is my trip only.