Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{parade of homes}

Karlie and I went to the parade of homes a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I got a lot of ideas & it made me want to completely redecorate my house! While there were many homes I loved and found inspiration from, I felt like there was also an equal amount of homes that were a bit disappointing. We started our day in Daybreak because that was were the largest cluster of parade homes were. One big theme that I noticed in a lot of the homes this year was IKEA furnishings. Now, don't get me wrong- I love IKEA and think they have great home accessories and cute furniture, however, when I go to the parade of homes, I don't want to see a house decorated strictly with IKEA furniture. Heck, I can walk around IKEA for free and get my fill of Swedish trends (and meatballs!) I go to the Parade of Homes to see fresh, new, fun ideas with nice furniture that you don't see everywhere else. Know what I mean?

Anyway, so this was the very first house we went to- and yes, it was an "IKEA House".
Even though they used a lot of IKEA furniture, I did love how they accessorized! I especially loved this coral!I also loved this window seat in the kitchen! I also have a bay window and might attempt this project! It's can't be that hard, right?
This next house wasn't even part of the Parade of Homes, but it was right next door to one of the houses and I'm so glad we went inside! This was one of my favorite houses and I LOVED the decor! A real estate lady was in the house and when we told we were just looking and that we were touring Parade of Homes houses, she acted pretty miffed and bugged that we weren't there to buy. Which, you'd think they'd want the publicity from the Parade of Homes, right? I also asked her if she knew the name of the designer and she said they were a firm in Denver and wouldn't give me the name, which was dumb! I wanted to know the name of the fabric on the windows and she wouldn't say.
This was the office, right off the entryway. Love!
The dining room across from the office. Does anyone know where to buy the branches they have on the table? They were plastic and fabulous!
Living room- very cool & very blue & white- it was a household theme.
I really liked the dark wood in the kitchen (we saw a million white kitchens!) but I hate the wasted space above the cabinets! I would have installed a smaller cabinet on top with glass in the doors & lit from within. This was another house in Daybreak that we loved! This home had such amazing furnishings and such fun colors! I loved the rug in this living room & found myself lifting corners & looking behind frames to see if I could tell where they purchased! I found lots of Z Gallerie tags, so it looks like I might need to schedule a shopping trip! Remember what I was talking about with the cabinets in the picture above? This what I would have done. Bravo to the designer who utilized all the cabinet space! And don't you just love the lighting? This was another favorite house!


pollydove said...

Great stuff!!!! I am just glad to see a different trend, actually! The houses several years ago were all those dark, really heavy furnishings. I like the lighter look! I need to go! (I hope it isn't over yet, shoot.)

lifeinredshoes said...

Absolutely beautiful, all of them! And this is the reason I don't go, I want to come back to my tired house and start over.
And seriously, they should hire you to do thier photography. You wield a mean camera :)

The Mormon Bachelorette said...

How fun! You know I would have LOVED to accompany you on your tour. The photos you took were great. I could move right in to any of those homes. :)

And I was looking closely at those plastic branches you mentioned, I don't know where to find them in plastic, but you can create the exact same look by spray painting mansaneta trees white! I have done it for a couple weddings and they always turn out fabulous.


BECKY said...

thanks for sharing!! i agree... the whole ikea thing would have been a bummer! i do LOVE your pic taken looking down though... besides the peeps in the mirror, that is TOTALLY a magazine shot!

cathycan said...

I found silver branches like those in Modern Display at Xmas. Also I think Z gallery has them. Manzanita..only if you live in Cali. My mom was always on the lookout when I grew up there. Thanks for the tour Shan! there is a real 90's vibe going on in some of those homes! Thje wallpaper!! I sworee never again after I steamed and scraped the last of it off of my walls! But it sure is purty!

cathycan said...

You DO have a great eye! those photos are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

FYI - The fabric on the curtains is Trina Turk's Trellis Print in the Marine colorway. It looks like the blue and white fabric used for the other curtains is also by Trina Turk.

Hope this helps!

Ms.JayQue said...

Your pictures are REALLY good. I'm loving the office desk and the blue and yellow living room most. I'd love to go to a Parade of Homes..maybe one day (I live outside of the US)