Monday, July 25, 2011

{Shop Design Gal}

I've decided to clean house, declutter, and redecorate!
I've added some new items to the shop! Please email me if you're interested in purchasing. I'll be adding additional items throughout the month so check back often!
First come, first serve!


Scott & Kerstin said...

Thanks for the chair- love it.

One Fish said...

Thanks for the chair- love it!

Laura said...

Awww... they all look so cute. Wish I lived closer!

The Author said...

I've been checking back every day to see if you've added anything more. I *just* noticed the "check back monthly". I feel like such a stalker.

Cassy said...

My mom is interested in the birdcage but lives three hours away. I emailed the email for this blog but, haven't heard back. I will see her on Thursday and was wondering if you still had it?