Monday, July 11, 2011

{2011 Hidden Garden Tour}

I love a good surprise and that last post was a great one! When my blackberry buzzed last night and I saw that someone had commented on a post entitled, "Oh no! This is a hijack!" I immediatly ran to my computer, hoping that someone hadn't viciously hacked my blog and posted spam or something nasty! Luckily, it was far from anything like that! It was such a sweet post and just what I needed! Thanks for being my biggest fan Mom- for supporting me, getting my personality, & loving me so. :)

It was also nice of her to post, since I hadn't in awhile. With that said, I thought I'd take a few minutes to post again (especially since McCall has been on me for weeks about posting this!)

Last month, some friends and I met up to tour local gardens around Utah County. Some were incredible and a few were just "meh". Here are some pictures of my favorites!

This was a garden in American Fork. The lady had a lot of property and she was adorable! I loved how she incorporated old buckets, chairs, water cans, etc into her gardening! It reminded me a lot of my mom's garden. Kind of that overgrown look, without looking messy - just whimsical!
Another favorite yard was this one in Alpine. It was completely french in every way and the yard was amazing! (More pictures of that later) But my favorite feature was the chicken coop! I LOVED the galvanized roof, the chicken wire, & the antique window! Each chicken is different and the owner got each hen specifically for the color of eggs they produced! White, brown, speckled, blue, etc! Love it!
Chickens seem to be a big hit this year- I told the hubs if we could have chickens in our backyard, I'd do it in an instant! I love them! My parents neighbors just built a neat chicken coop- just what I would have built! That's a post for another day!


cathycan said...

Was sorry to miss the A.F. house, we'll have to go back to see it!

McCall said...

Yay! Finally the post I've been waiting for. Ha. I just love that chicken coop. And the bike with all those flowers in it. So adorable. It was a very fun outing! Glad I was able to tag along. :)

pollydove said...

Oh my! So adorable!!!

Laura said...

Gorgeous. Love that chicken coop. So fun. Thanks for sharing these great pics!