Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{thinking about spring}

I have been loving the nice weather we've had lately! Last weekend I took advantage of the nice weather and cleared some of the leaves from my garden and pruned my butterfly bush in my backyard (which really is more of a porch than a yard). I read somewhere that this is a good time of year to prune butterfly bushes, but when it comes to forsythia bushes, you should wait until after they bloom to prune them. Still, there were some wily branches on my forsythia, so I trimmed a few and brought them into the house to force them. Who would have thought that just by putting the branches in some water and sitting them in the sun, they'd soon bloom? And bloom they did! They looked so pretty in my milk glass vase and brightened up my kitchen! Sadly, I did not get a picture of my blooms, so I copied one from house beautiful so you'd get the gist of what they looked like. Rumor has it, you can also force cherry tree blossoms!Are you forcing anything this spring? Bulbs? Branches? Or maybe getting a start on spring cleaning and forcing the clutter out!

And since we're on the subject of spring, my friend Camille is making and giving away some lovely spring banners over at her blog! Stop by and see all of her lovely finds & cute creations!


camille creates said...

You are too kind dear.
I'm glad you updated your blog.
I have a climbing Eden rose bush that blooms in late May that is to die for.
Eden is a tea cup rose.
You are welcome to come cut what you want when it blooms.
I always try to get my neighbors to cut a dozen but they don't.
Maybe they know I'm trying to get help dead heading ( before they are dead of course.)

Cheers and love, Camille

Gracefully Vintage said...

So sweat so many cute darling ideas.. Love the Banners...