Saturday, March 26, 2011

{confession: my hidden mess}

We all do it- Stuff things we don't want to put away in a closet or a bedroom and close the door, or in my case, shove everything upstairs where it will be out of sight for company.

I did it yesterday as I was cleaning up and preparing for family that was coming over later that evening. This whole week has been a crazy blur, and I haven't had the time or the energy to clean up. So, what do I do when I know I'll have 12 people in my house? I clean the heck out of the downstairs, vacuuming, decluttering, dusting, and sweeping, and then I pile everything else upstairs, where I can get to it on Saturday.

So last night, after visiting the Carl Bloch exhibit, I invited my in laws over for cake and ice cream to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. Andrew's cousin Bexi, who I adore, was coming over as well and mentioned that she couldn't wait to see my house & how I've decorated it (she'd never been over before and seen it in it's clean glory). I told her that she can browse all she'd like downstairs, but upstairs was a disaster and off limits.

Well....apparently, my comment fell on deaf ears, because minutes after everyone came over, I heard footsteps upstairs. All I could think was OMG- someone is upstairs! As I ran up the stairs, I felt like I was in a movie scene, yelling, "Nooooo!" in a low, slow voice (you know how it sounds when it's in slow motion?) as I ran up there to try to divert them from the war zone they were stepping into, but it was too late. They saw what I had tried to hide. My secret mess. Evidence that I hadn't put anything away for weeks was spewed everywhere.

I stopped at the top of the stairs and assessed the situation. My options were few, but I knew what I had to do. Grin and bear it and embrace the situation. So, I gave them a tour of my upstairs, mess and all. Bexi, bless her heart, had followed my brother in law and his girlfriend upstairs when they came over (although I'm not sure why they headed upstairs the minute they arrived), and even though it was a mess, Bexi loved it and gave me the nicest compliments. She is one of those people who gives genuine, sweet comments and means them.
And so, now that I've shared my dirty secret, I'm pushing it a little bit further. I'm showing you exactly how it looked, as they saw it. Not a thing has been moved or shoved in a cupboard. This is my real life baby! And heaven knows, I've seen my share of blogs with houses that are spotless and organized, but let's be honest. Life isn't always spotless and organized!
Here is my living room, clean and lovely, as it should be, right?
Well, put on your hard hats ladies and're about to step into the danger zone!
Love how my cat is leading the way. He's your guide through the mess!
The hallway- notice the vacuum and mop bucket? See, I do have intentions of cleaning up! ;)
Just don't take too close of a look at the mop bucket. You'd see that most of the water that was in there has evaporated, as it's been there since last week.

Please tell me your counter top looks like this too...or are you one of those people who puts it all away and wipes the counter down after you get ready? If you are, we are now frenemies. j/k...sort of.
This is where the magic happens. Too bad I can't say "Abra Cadabra" and make the mess disappear!You know the song "Pants on the ground?" Well, I wrote one about pants on the wall. I hope it'll make me famous. You can read about the real reason for the pants on my wall here.
Dirty Office/Man Cave
I was going to put a black bar over Andrew's eyes, so you wouldn't recognize him and to protect him from any humiliation, but then again, the mess is his too...and so I left the black bar out.
And this is the messiest of them all! My craft room/upholstery room/sewing/fabric/stash it in there and close the door room.

So there you have it. Now it's time to share your space. Take a picture in your house as it is NOW and post it, then share the link in your comment. Try it- It's freeing! :)

Now if you'll excuse me. I need to clean up a bit. ;)


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

That's not a mess, that's just real life happening. Mine looks the same way sometimes. Hugs, Marty

Alyssa said...

LOL! I totally do that same thing, unfortunately. When people are coming over I throw all the junk in our living room/dining room/kitchen areas into our bedroom, guest room or my craft room and shut the doors. So bad. We have a smallish house and horrid storage in general so that doesn't help our situation (yeaaaahh I know i am totally just making excuses!). Ps, my craft room looks worse!

The Author said...

Shan, this makes me feel one hundred percent better. I love it.

Gracefully Vintage said...

LOVE it... that is how my craft-sewing are look.. I finally get cleaned-then i start something..
(mine is the formal living room)..
LOVE that Hutch..Beautiful..
THanks for Sharing.

Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

LOL aw i love why the pants are on the wall!!
great idea!! x

cathycan said...

Well, the thing is, you can still see it has "good bones"! A great looking room still looks pretty great with some (okay, a lot of) clutter! I LOVE your house...and your cat : )...and the hutch and the headboard and the cornices and the...

McCall said...

even through all the clutter, you can see the cuteness. that's what really matters. i'd take a pic of my house but, it wouldn't be fair. jared cleaned all afternoon while libby and i went to a shower. dusted and everything! so nice! get andrew on that craft room already. ha. :)

domesticallyseasoned said...

here is my before and afters

Mrs Robinson said...

Yes yes yes yes! Please believe me that usually I am the exact same way - I just happened to have an overnight guest this weekend (which means upstairs access is expected...)

Heres my link:

BECKY said...

that was a fun post :)

to be honest though, the way you talked, i expected every room to look like your craft room. so i was kinda disappointed to see that it was so clean!

p.s. love the bunting! did you make it? if so, show us!

modern jane said...

It's okay! This has totally happened to me too:) I'm just glad they never opened my closet doors! AVALANCHE! :)

Jen said...

You ROCK! This made me laugh and made my day!!

.jimaie.marie. said...

I love you for posting this, I am ALWAYS stressing about my mess but it seems like with 2 kids (and an even messier husband) there is NO ESCAPING the clutter! I forget that everyone else has their share of clutter and piles of laundry too and get sucked into this delusion that everyone else's houses look spic & span except mine. So, THANK YOU for reminding me that I'm normal, that my piles and clutter are normal ;)

The J J Glenn Family said...

Ahhhh I love it. I kind of want it to be a bed and breakfast so I can come with my husband and just get away. It looks so cozy and GORGEOUS! You are so normal with a bit of a mess, but it looks so homey and comfy! Love it!

Jess said...

I love the fact that you show that your not perfect, even though your photo of your lounge room looks amazing! You still a normal person with mess and clutter.
BTW LOVE the jeans on the wall idea!

Ellis Family said...

Shannon! I love how real you are!! Thanks for sharing. I am in the same boat. I have to remind myself that our house is there to be lived in, not necessarily for display. It's nice to treasure the moments when it is clean though.

pollydove said...

Oh Shannon, I love this! I am the same exact way. (I think most of us really are .... or at least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)

My renters were having a problem with their cable so when the cable guy came to assess the problem, and I got home from work, apparently the problem was with the cable line in my bedroom. I FA-REAKED that they had gone up into my bedroom!!!! I even had a queen mattress leaning up against the dresser that was in the MIDDLE of my room!!!! (Still haven't gotten settled since the basement redo.)

That was a hard one to recover from! Your mess still looks kinda clean to me! ;)

Erika said...

OH MY GOSH. I love this post! I've browsed your blog several times in the past year (NO JOKE, blog stalker, right here!) and have loved lots of post but have never had the guts to comment yet. Sorry about all the 'bits of soul' that I killed. :) I have struggled looking at blogs and seeing all the adorable homes that are decorated so beautifully and spotlessly clean, as I sit in my non-matching, messy, full of 'hand me downs' home wondering "HOW DO THEY DO IT?!" as we have very little 'extra funds' in our budget to spend on crafting and decorating. I just want you to know that this post made me feel 1,000 (x50) times better!!! So, THANK YOU!

Ashleigh said...

I too have been enjoying your blog, but not commenting. But I have to say amen to this post! My craft room is the worst too! It drives my crazy and I clean it...then it takes about 55 seconds to get crazy messy again! I feel your pain. Oh, and like you, my downstairs is always soooo much cleaner than the upstairs! Happy cleaning! And I love your blog!

steph anne said...

Your house still looks cozy!!! Especially the master bedroom. I feel like ours is horrible. Ugh!

sarah marie p said...

My bedroom looks JUST like yours ... only 10X worse. Eeeee Piles and piles of clothes everywhere! It's bad news, bears! My office is also filed with randomness -- and don't worry because my bathroom counter is filled with lots of products and such!

I'm Em, and I love to see the world! said...

Hi Shannon, So I'm not quite a pro at the blog thing like you are, so I have a question: when someone asks you a question on your blog, is it better to respond on their blog or on another comment on your blog and have them come back?

(Is there a web site you use for blog inspiration?)

Anyway, I travel mostly for fun--a couple of my trips each year are usually for work, but I love seeing new places so much and am taking advantage of every opportunity I can. Thanks for reading!