Monday, January 17, 2011

{I write things on my hand so I don't forget too...}

If you know me, it's no surprise to know that I love the Bachelor...and the Bachelorette! What can I say, I'm a sucker for drama infested TV! Breakdowns on the balcony, women being caddy, bad weaves, bad boob jobs, cheesy's all very entertaining! My fav Bachelor season was Jake Pavelka even though "On the Wings of Love" was stuck in my head for about 6 months (from the start of the season thru the end of their failed front page tabloid relationship). My favorite Bachelorette was Jillian- she was just so darn cute and stylish and she's an interior designer. I felt like she was really there to find love and wasn't too much of a hoochie mama (remember, she didn't go on any "overnight fantasy dates").

Anyway, it wasn't until my friend McCall was catching up on last Monday's episode during her lunch break when she called me over to her cubie-

"Shan! Come'ere! Look at Chris Harrison's hand!"

We both squinted at the screen to get a closer look, then looked at each other and laughed! Chris Harrison had something scribbled on his hand! We tried to figure out what was drawn, but couldn't...take a look for yourself! What do you think it could be? Maybe names he couldn't remember? Or a cheat sheet on who was getting the boot that night?

Funny, right? I'll be watching tonight to see if anymore notes are scribbled on his hand and to get my weekly does of cheesy, dramatic TV!


McCall said...

yay! i forgot it's on tonight! this really is so so funny!

Lacey said...

Ha ha ha Thats so funny! I love the Bachelor/ette too :)

Lacey said...
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paula said...

How funny! I love the bachelor too! This season is good....catty. SLC chick is CRAZY! I swear, the first couple rose ceremonies they have to have que cards or an earpiece for the bachelor (or bachelorette) as they are calling the gals (or guys) up to give them their rose. There is no way they have the names of 15 or 20 chicks memorized that quickly. Maybe Chris writes it on his hand to remind Brad who he chose.

Karlie said...

Too funny! Oops. I love this season so far. I agree with you about Jillian, but Jake's season? Really? Lol, nice talking with you last night. We'll keep in touch.