Sunday, December 26, 2010

{very studious}

It seems like Andrew has been in school forever. Do any of you with spouses in school feel that way? I swear, every semester I think it's the last one and then I find out that there's actually 3 more semesters and a handful of additional classes that need to be taken, and I have a major break down because when Andrew is stressed about school, I get stressed, and I just want him to be done! See, I have a tendency to make other peoples problems my problems. I used to worry about homework, assignments, etc and I wasn't even the one in school! When Andrew stayed up late working on a paper, so did I. I finally realized that it wasn't my burden to bear, the additional stress wasn't helping, and that he'd do just fine without me bugging him about school all the time. And he has. I'm always in awe of how well he does while going to school and working full time! I'm proud of you honey.
So with that said, I'm happy to finally say that Andrew really does have just one year of school left and I can hardly wait! Halle-freakin-lujah!


Wendy said...

I'm much older than you (40) but I feel your pain! I put my husband through undergrad and then law school. It took forever! He was finally working for a firm when I was 30 years old! In the later years he started treating school like a job, with strict hours. He'd only study at school so that home time was just for the two of us. That helped immensely! Good luck!

cathycan said...

Congratulations on your fabulous grades, Andrew! I know you worked hard for them! We're proud of you!

pearlspaisleysandpetticoats said...

I can totally understand the frustration. My husband has 5 semesters left to go (2 years because he goes during the summer), he also works full time so there isn't much time for us. With all that my husband already has to do, we also have three children 3 and under, it is about like being a single Mom. I just keep thinking only two more years. When ever anything is frustrating him I feel as if it is my fault and that I am not doing enough to make sure he is taken care of, even though he is capable of taking care of himself. I understand your pain and at least it is not four more years