Monday, December 20, 2010

{new shades & a few chairs}

There is a light outside that sits right below our bedroom window. It's a lamp post that turns on when it gets dark and turns off when it gets light. We have no control over it, but that one, little lamp lights up our room, as if we lived next to Clark W. Griswald at Christmas time. We've tried closing our blinds and adding drapes to block out the light, but nothing seemed to work.

I'm a light sleeper and I love me a dark room. Dark and cool. Like a cave. But cozy too, with a comfortable bed and nice linens. Anyway, when our blinds broke (like a year ago), we had to open and close them by pulling up and down on the slats, and I finally decided enough was enough. Rather than get new blinds, I bought black out shades (the kind that pull up and down) from Ikea.

If you know Ikea, you know that things come in very specific sizes. The shades were sold in 32" & 38" lengths. My windows were 34". Luckily, Ikea also makes products you can alter! So after cutting and sawing, I finally had the right size. They're not the most attractive shade in the world, so I also ordered some bamboo roman shades from to prop in front. I rigged the blackout shades right next to the window, for optimal light blockage. This also left me room to rig my bamboo shades in front, thus hiding the ugly shade but still offering a functional solution to the light problem.

Not too shabby, right? And wouldn't you know the first night we slept with those up, we woke up late Sunday morning...way late, because our room was so darn dark! I loved it!

Oh, and before I forget, these two chairs are for sale! If you're interested email me!
The prices are listed below!
Christmas is just a few days away & these would look lovely with a bright red bow!




cathycan said...

I love your bedroom, it has such a crisp, stylish feel! Post more pictures of it!!
you must get your need for total sleeping darkness from me. Dad can sleep with a light shining right in his face!

McCall said...

love those shades! i wouldn't have the patience to cut them down and alter the size...i would just deal with the light. ha. ;)

pollydove said...

Oh to be crafty again ... painting is about all I do these days and that takes me forever! Your window looks fabulous!!!

When McCall was a baby, I bought her a room darkening shade too and she got so used to that she wouldn't take a nap if it was light. When we used to visit my sister, I would hang a thick towel up in her window to make the room dark so McCall would sleep. My sister thought that was mean ... hey, it worked! And McCall prefered it!

BECKY said...

you must be super bizzay these days! i hope you guys have a fab Christmas. great job on the shades... that pic looks gorgeous.

Gracefully Vintage said...

THat is the Most beautiful Chair ever, i love love chairs, that is a darling of a piece.
And love your curtain set up,

Have A Merry Christmas
Thanks for Inspiration all year ..

gardner said...

love your blog...
just wondering what color that is on your walls in the last two pictures? I love it!

modern jane said...

I love your shades! I upholstered a bench seat in the same fabric, but grey:)

Kate. said...

I love these cornice boxes-they are beautiful! I am going to make some for my bedroom soon and I just might have to use some of your tips, thanks for sharing!