Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{mini cupcakes}

Every month, my work has a potluck lunch on the last day of the month. It's the busiest day at the law office, so we try to stay in all day and get as much done as possible, instead of going out for lunch. Last month, I signed up to bring a dessert and at 11 o'clock the night before the potluck, I realized I hadn't made anything.

Luckily, I learned growing up, that if cake mix is on sale at the grocery store, you stock up. So when I opened my pantry, & saw the devils food mix & cream cheese frosting, I knew exactly what I was going to make!

In no time at all I whipped up 4 dozen mini cupcakes. They were bite sized perfection and tasted oh so good! At work, people were asking me if I really made them! I told them I did most of the work- with a little help from Betty Crocker & the Pillsbury Dough Boy!
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P.S. Here's a little trick- not only does piping the canned frosting make it look prettier, it takes half the time to frost! Just squeeze a little and you're done!


Jess said...

They look so cute and yummy!

Breezy said...

Bite-size deee-lish! I am going to do this for my book club dinner.

Connie said...

Perfect cupcakes! My problem would be that I could eat a dozen of them since they're so small!

After reading your previous posts, looks like you had a fun Christmas!
Hope your new year is filled with fun too!

pollydove said...

I could use one (or two, or three) of those right about now! Adorable!

cathycan said...

You make me proud...cake mix and canned frosting in the food storage!
Also, you've learned, "it's all in the presentation!"
Darling and delicious!

Brittany said...

those look divine!!!!