Monday, December 27, 2010

{like a kid on Christmas morning...}

I got Andrew a Wii for Christmas this year. He had been wanting one for a long, long time so the day after Thanksgiving, I picked one up on sale. Every time he'd mention wanting one, I would tell him they were too expensive & that we didn't really have time to play it and it would end up being a waste (rude of me, right?), but little did he know, one of his presents wrapped under the tree was a Wii! I'm sneaky like that. Bwah ha hahaha!

His reaction was priceless!
Of course he set it up right away & played it all afternoon.
He also got really into it.
Ha ha! Guys and their toys! I think this was the best Christmas gift yet!
He is definitely a happy man!


Breezy said...

OH my gosh.. he is so cute!! You did good.

cathycan said...

The day after THANKSGIVING...hehehe!

design gal said...

oops! you're right mom! day after THANKSGIVING! fixed it!

pollydove said...

ah yes ... boys and their toys! i love your tree!!! and it photographed really well - that is something i need to learn how to do!