Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Libby's Chair}

The chair needed to be fixed, and I considered my options. I could hand sew the tear...but I felt like it would be an eye sore & I knew this chair would get a lot of use and felt that the stitching might not hold up. I also thought about placing a patch on it, but again, that would be an eye sore! I wanted it to look perfect, so my only option was to redo the back and the sides (the back of the chair is the last step, so I'd have to take that off to replace the outside arms).
Then tragedy struck again. I went to the fabric store to pick up more fabric and they were completely out, and they couldn't reorder. I went to 4 different stores and they all said the same thing. That's when I really started to panic! How would I fix this chair?!
As I waited for the lady at Joann's to call one last store, I spotted another fabric out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't the exact same fabric I needed, but it was the closest match I had seen! I asked if I could see it and the lady said, "Sorry, it's on hold." I plead with her,
"Please? Can I just see it or have a swatch? Can you see if another store has this fabric? Does the person holding it really need the whole bolt? I only need a couple of yards!"
The woman must have sensed my despair, because she sighed said, "Well....there's about 20 yards on here...I doubt the gal holding it needs the whole thing!" and then she cut me 2 yards!
I knew McCall wanted to give the chair to Libby for Christmas so I got to work and gave it to her just in time, on the 23rd!
I love how it turned out and to be honest, I'm almost glad I re-did it! This fabric is much more durable & I'm confident it will withstand the use it's 18 month old owner will give it!


Trying it out...


She loves it!


And it was the perfect spot to sit for opening presents on Christmas!


P.S. Don't you just love McCall's tree & wrapping paper? If you think that's cute, check out her aunts & her mom's house here...LOVE it!


McCall said...

oooh. you're so nice! libby LOVES her chair! and so does her mama. as soon as i get around to doing my before-and-after chair post i'll give you an awesome "shout out". until then, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! we love it. sorry it was a pain!

pollydove said...

Seriously ... what an ordeal getting that chair done! But you did it and it looks adorable!!! And you can just tell how much Libby loves it and will use it for YEARS!!! Thanks so much for the shout out Shannon. Did you see the next sister's house yet? Totally different from Courtie's but cool too! :)

cathycan said...

She is so cute sitting in the chair! nice job!