Sunday, November 7, 2010

{desk for sale}

My parents bought it from an older couple when I was 9 years old, (it had belonged to their daughter, and I think it was built in the 60's) and I've sure gotten a lot of use out of it!

When I was little, I stamped the inside drawer of the desk with my hello kitty stamp, because the previous owner had done the same thing. I used it all through elementary, jr. high, & high school to do homework and it was one of the only pieces of furniture I took with me when I moved out for the first time.

I painted it back and distressed it a few years ago, and while I love it, I just don't have the room for it anymore. If you're interested in it, you can see the official ad here.


Claire said...

Oh my gosh, how I wish I lived in Utah right now. I LOVE that desk/hutch and have a perfect spot for it in our new house. Dang the distance!!

Donnie and Kristi said...

My mom just emailed me a link to this desk on KSL! She wants to get it for my niece for Christmas! I knew I recognized it from somewhere!!!!

Donnie and Kristi said...

And apparently is looks fabulous in Kellies bedroom :)

Samual said...

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