Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{Mary Chapin Carpenter}

Months ago, my mom bought tickets to the Mary Chapin Carpetner concert at Red Butte Gardens. It's funny, because before I knew she had bought tickets, I saw that she was coming in concert and sent my mom a quick text, telling her we should go. She quickly replied, saying, "We already are! I bought tickets!" Ha! Great minds think alike! I was so excited! Although it was months away, I quickly penciled the date on my calender & started counting down the days.

A few weeks later, I got a call from my mom. She was devastated and through her sobs, she told me she couldn't find the tickets. Something had told her to go look for them, but they weren't where she thought they would be. I tried to reassure her, telling her to look here and there, and I was sure they'd show up, but they no where to be found. The tickets weren't cheap, and knowing that something not just valuable, but something you had been looking forward to was gone was devastating.

I knew how much she was looking forward to the concert, so the next day at work, without a second thought in my head, I bought 2 tickets to the same concert. My mom's birthday was in a few weeks and I would surprise her with them. It would be a gift, from me and Andrew.
Minutes after buying them, I realized I put my parents address down, and not wanting my mom to find them in the mail, I called Red Butte to change the address.

The phone rang, "Hello, Red Butte Gardens..."
Me: "Hi, I just ordered tickets, but I had them sent to the wrong address...can you change it for me?"
Red Butte: "Oh, we don't mail out tickets. You pick them up here in advance before the show"
Me, confused and then coming to a realization: "Ohh....so you don't mail them? At all?"
Red Butte: "No, you pick them up"

Realizing this, I called my mom to see if she had picked up her tickets already....maybe they weren't lost afterall. I quickly made up a story and told her that a "friend at work" told me that they don't usually mail the tickets out. You have to pick up the actual tickets with your i.d. at the ticket box prior to the concert.
"Are you sure!?"
"Yes! that's what my 'friend' said!"
She was thrilled! Her tickets weren't lost! And I was thrilled that she was so happy! But what to do with the tickets I just bought? I quickly placed an ad in the classifieds, and 5 days before the concert, I sold them.

I didn't tell my mom about the tickets until we were driving up to the concert. She couldn't believe it. It was my little summertime "Gift of the Magi" story, if you will. You can read her thoughts about it here.

The concert was amazing, to say the least. We munched on our little picnic of salami and pretzels dipped in fancy cheese while listening to fantastic music and drinking cold drinks.

"The past comes upon you like smoke on the air
You can smell it and find yourself gone
To a place that you lived without worry or care
Isn't that where we all once came from..."

lyrics from "The Age of Miracles" by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Those lyrics are so true. The sweet botanical scents, magenta skies, smell of wine, summer grass, and the taste of salty pretzels contrasting with tart cheese will always remind me of that concert with my mom.


Kirsten Krason said...

My parents went and loved it. I'm sad I missed it.

Karlie said...

Cute story, glad you had fun.

Jamie said...

What a sweet story! I went to the MCC show in Lexington a couple of weeks ago - wasn't she amazing!

McCall said...

so fun! i'm glad it all turned out! (with minimal losses...)