Saturday, July 10, 2010

{bad cat}

Charlie is a nut. A few weeks ago I bought a cute rug from Costco to put in my kitchen. It looked great for about 2 weeks and then last week, Charlie decided to pee on it. Not just spray, but full on pee. I was pissed (no pun intended) and after punishing him and cleaning the rug, I thought he knew better than to do it again. I was wrong. One day later, he left his mark again. Augh! Charlie is a sweetie, but he can’t be peeing all over my rug!

And he chews on EVERYTHING! If there are papers on the floor of the office, he rips them apart. No need for a shredder in our house. A few weeks ago, I had a runny nose and put a roll of toilet paper next to my bed so I could blow my nose. The next day when I got home from work, the once intact roll of toilet paper (that was barely used, so it was a FULL roll) was shredded into tiny pieces that were scattered across my bed & bedroom floor. It was as if the roll had spontaneously combusted, leaving a soft, absorbent blanket of fresh Charmin snow in my room. Charlie, on the other hand, was clean as a could be. Without a single speck on him, he sat innocently near the destroyed t.p, looking from the mess to us with his big yellow eyes that said, “Forgive me mama cita, for I have sinned…” (you must read that in an Antonio Bandaras voice because it was truly a Puss in Boots moment).

He acted the same with the bag of cat food he tore into on Thursday. When I got home, I found him laying in the pile of food. I sighed and yelled, “Damn it, Charlie!” He sat up, looked at the ripped bag and at the pieces of kibble scattered across the floor, and then looked up at me with huge eyes and yowled a baby cry, so high, and tiny, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I never thought a sound so high could come out of something so big. Pumba, of course watched the whole thing tentatively, waiting for my reaction, like a sibling watches another sibling get reprimanded for doing something naughty- slightly terrified, but also slightly thrilled. When he saw Charlie run away and me turn to get the broom, he jumped in, eating the scattered kibbles as fast as he could before I could clean all of it up. (There was food in their bowl, but I guess it’s more exciting to eat food straight out of a bag you tear into.) Naturally, he threw up on my rug, 30 seconds later from eating too quick.

Bad cat...


Wendy said...

Oh NO! That sucks! My cat loves the tassels on my 2,700 $ Ethan Allen rug. He chews them. And cuts his nails on the wool fiber. The 6 $ rug by the front door? Still intact. Go figure. But, I can't stay mad at my little guy, either.

cathycan said...

He is so cute, but so evil!
did you get a litter box for the downstairs? I'm afraid your rug may have to go, even after clenaing and sanitizing and cleaning, that scent lingers, only cat can smell it, and yes they will pee again.
good thing he's cute.
I dont envy you!

alyssa said...

Argh! My cats do the TP shredding/other paper items shredding randomly all the time! I guess they just get bored sometimes? DO you have a scratching post?

steph anne said...

Hahaha, my parents' cat does the same thing and only chews on any paper/newspaper he can get hands on.

sarah marie p said...

I'm thinking that all orange, fat cats named Charlie are bad babies! My Charlie loves pooping right next to his litter box instead of in it. Ewwww. SO GROSS!

And he loves to wake me up in the morning my knocking stuff off my nightstand!