Monday, June 7, 2010

{recent activities}

My cousin Kelly is in France and I'm insanely jealous of all the adventures she's having. I've been living my French fantasy vicariously through the emails she sends, which by the way, are hilarious. Before I read each one, I put in my french cafe music cd, tilt the beret on my head, and chew on a baguette.

Before she left, we had dinner at the only place in town that serves The Great Wall of Chocolate- PF Changs. We ordered two bowls of soup, one hot and sour (yum) and one wonton soup (made extra tasty), not realizing that a single bowl of soup could feed a small country. It was such a fun night. I love hanging out with these gals! We always laugh so hard and say the funniest things! Luckily, my mom wrote down a lot of the funny stuff that was said. You can read about it here.

Memorial Day weekend we went up the canyon with some friends to roast hot dogs & marshmallows.

When Andrew and I got married, someone gave us a 12" cast iron dutch oven, and for the first 2 years of our marriage, it sat in our attic. When we made plans to go up the canyon, Andrew decided it was time to make good use of it. He seasoned it and bought the ingredients to make peach cobbler and when we got up the canyon, I mixed up the batter and we started cooking it.

What should have taken 30-40 minutes to bake, ended up taking all night! Seriously, we finally had to stick it in the fire to get it to cook. I don't think I added enough water or maybe it was because we bought peach pie filling instead of regular canned peaches. Either way, it turned out really dense and...well...not so good! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the end result, but trust me when I say I've had better cobbler! We'll have to try again!


BECKY said...

Good luck with the next dutch oven adventure! I'd love to be a pro at that!

cathycan said...

I think dutch oven cooking is always tricky!
Who is that fat woman on the left!!! I don't think I recognize her!! omg

Barry Cann said...

I say next time stick with a tried-and-true, time-honored classic: smores!

Handyman said...

Just to clarify a little bit the cobbler was really good I thought but I love things a little doughy.

.jimaie.marie. said...

Oh how I LOVE PF Changs!! Aren't nights out with girlfriends the best!? I went over to your mom's blog to read all the funnies and had to giggle, I especially loved what the waitress said to your mom's question about the fortune LOL!! SO funny!

The J J Glenn Family said...

I totally miss going up the canyon for fire roasting yummy foods. Sorry about the peach cobbler. bummer! I love your cute jacket at PF changs by the way. hot hot!

Adena said...

Best way to do cobbler in the dutch oven is to put your filling in the bottom i usually do 2 cans of pie filling and one box cake mix and one stick of butter dump the cake mix on top of the fruit and slice up the butter and lay out on top of the cake mix and cook it should only take about 1/2 hour.i have also used bottled peaches and added some rassberries to it was yummy. some add liqud to the cake mix i find that makes it to much like a cake and not a cobbler if you like that then all you need to do is dump a can of sprite on top of the cake mix.
hope you have better luck with the cobbler next time.