Monday, May 3, 2010

{guest blogger- Tart Paperie}

I am incredibly honored and humbled to be a guest blogger for this fabulousness of a blog. Shan asked me to describe my inspirations and my beginnings in the design world, and I'll do my best to live up to this wonderful piece of blogland!

I design paper products and I honestly get inspiration from BIZARRE places. I look for designs everywhere, and I have this weird thing that I do where I let the universe speak to me before I design a line and take in the signs around me. Whether in fashion (I'm a regular to the Vogue site which is full of inspiring patterns and color combos.), vintage textiles, home and wedding magazines, Anthropologie, or someone's iron gate.
There was this amazing drawing that my 6 year old nephew did, and it completely inspired an invitation and stationery set.

And magazines are truly an addiction for me. About 2 years ago, my husband got fed up with this stack that I had and THREW THEM AWAY when I wasn't home.

Some of them were Domino Magazines, too.

I know. I thought I was going to have to sign the divorce papers then and there.

We made up (I'll forgive, but I will never forget to leave magazines lying around again!) and I go through a tearing frenzy before designing. There was this page in the latest Better Homes and Gardens on zinnias and I was so drawn to the colors and shapes.
Vintage images and wallpaper designs inspire me too. I collect 50s magazines, and I ADORE a 50's lady illustration! They're so simple, and frankly, incredibly modern looking now. That's the style I try to emulate in my illustrations. I also became inspired by some 60s gals too. I love that cutout look like everything was pieced together by random textures. My new line has a bit of that influence.
My oh so fabulous aunt and uncle have owned a stationery store in my hometown of Alexandria, Louisiana since I was 4. I remember she had an entire section of kid's notepads and camp stationery and correspondence sets. I went there after school and organized and reorganized every row of perfect little boxes of paper candy (looking back I'm sure this was a bit horrifying for my aunt, who always had everything just so, but she never let on...).
I have a drawer of letters written from childhood sweethearts, camp friends, notes from my grandfather and birthday cards from my siblings. I cherish them all and when I'm feeling particularly sentimental, I take a dip into my past.
I'm a little guy. Honestly, I'm no Bonnie Marcus, Boatman Gellar, or Whitney English - who are all spectacularly talented. I'm just so proud to be a part of this written history that's so important.
Maybe someday, someone will pull a note I designed out of a drawer. =)
PS: I know this is a home blog, so I have to brag on this fabulous table I redid. It was the ugliest thing in the world and I freaked out when I saw it. I called my husband to come and meet me at the trashiest thrift store in Dallas.
When he got there, I showed him the table, and god love him, he said, "Um...ok? I trust you."
It was only $15, so I collected my gaudy table base and went to work! I was so proud of it when I was done, that I took a bazillion pictures.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your blog. I'm honored =)


La Dolfina said...

Amanda, this was a great post. I loved getting to know you better through the process you use to come up with you designs and how you get your inspiration. I love how you let the "universe" guide you too!! (I'm a believer of that as well) Your designs are wonderful!!! I have a friend who carries lots of cards and stationary in her shop. It's called Daisys. She also is a blogger. I'm going to send you her info. You two should talk!
Your table is completely awesome!!
You rock!!!
A big XO to you :)

Amanda said...

HA! Thank you so much Therese!!! I've been so out of the blogging loop! Thank you for the beautiful comment - you are such a lovely doll.

kelly said...

I adore Tarte Paperie. Her designs are amazing!

cathycan said...

Fab table!! and your paper designs are so wonderful!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

your work is so original and fun. what talent!
I am sohappy to find someone who also has a little obsession with magazines and old images:) I found a stack of old vogue posters that I am trying to decide what to do with:)

markybee0 said...

Amazing work,i will take some inspiration from this.I am a handyman in bristol,regards,mark