Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{sewing part II}

As promised, here is a tiny sampling of the dresses my mom sewed for me!

I think this was an Easter dress, circa 1990....or maybe it was my baptism dress. (Mom, do you remember?)

I'm pretty sure every dress my mom made for me in the 90's had battenburg lace on the collar and puffed sleeves.

I loved this dress though.

Note the giant white bow.


(Now days those giant bows in little girls hair are replaced with giant, faux gerber daisies!)

This was another favorite 90's outfit.

I remember wearing this at least once a week and to every birthday party that year.

Look how stylish I was with my matching purple socks and black flats.

Oh, and another bow!

Strike a pose li'l Shan!

Oh wow...another rockin' pose!

This was right before my high schools Halloween dance my junior year.

I thought a 70's theme would be fun, but after trying on a million costumes at costume shops around the Salt Lake valley, I was about to give up, unil my mom offered to sew my costume.

We found the pattern & psychedelic fabric at Hancock's and within a few days, my groovy dress was done!

It was funky, short, and I thought it was sexy (not too sexy though- remember, my mom made it for me and I was 17)!

Naturally, I asked a boy from my church who I had the hugest crush on.

He was as tall as I was without those go go boots on (about 5'7", and when I picked him up for our date, I towered a good 4" above him.

Still, we danced and had a blast!

This was my sophomore year homecoming dress.

It was gold and the fabric draped perfectly! My mom even made me a beautiful purple/gold iridescent shawl to wear with it.

Note the black flat sandals...another date with a short guy!

Cheesy smile though.
I must have liked him!

So there you have it! A small sampling of my mom's seamstress skills!

Do you have pictures of dresses from the past?

If so, post them! I'd love to see some pictures!


The J J Glenn Family said...

I totally had one of those one pieces that you were rockin. Ohhh the 80's. You Mama has some mad skills. Why did our Mom's sew so much back in the days. I need to be better.

cathycan said...

Man you were a cute lil' girl! and a beautiful big girl! love you!

Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

She is very talented! Looks like it runs in your family!

paula said...

Shan-I loved reading this and seeing the pics of all your clothes your Mom made for you. Like you, my Mom made our clothes (5 kids), costumes, toys, dance dresses, etc. It wasn't until I got older that I realized all the love and devotion only a Mom can give that went into each and every stitch. Looks like your Mom is a very talented seamstress.....and a very loving mother.

Tara said...

Shan you are so cute and funny. You and your mom are definatly some cute and talented ladies. I remember the big bows and the flower dresses. Oh how those were the days

BECKY said...

That full body floral is STUNNING!!!

Christine said...

OMG I had outfits identical to the first 2.

lifeinredshoes said...

I am trying to encourage her to take it up again!
Perhaps she could make me a straightjacket?

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I have so many of those types of dresses - my mom recently sent them to me after saving them for 30 years. Not sure what I'm supposed to do with them.

Breezy said...

Shan~~ what a lovely lil girl you were-- and a beautiful woman!
I think talent, creativity and good looks runs in your family!

House of Smith's said...


alyssa said...

Haha, I also have VERY similar outfits from when I was a kid, I swear we looked way too alike. Along with the bow. My mom always had these crazy big hair things in my hair!

Gavin and Laura Hansen Family said...

OK, I totally LOVE all her creations! Weren't the early 90s just too cool!?! :) You are right, your mom is VERY talented!