Thursday, April 15, 2010

{sewing in the 70's}

My mom just posted about sewing!
She's always had a talent for it- sewing my Easter & Christmas dresses when I was younger, and then sewing my prom & homecoming dresses when I was in high school.
She also sewed for herself and made beautiful clothes!
Visit her blog to read more about it!This is her at her prom in the 70's. I love her dress. Isn't she a betty?


Breezy said...

Your mom is beautiful.. in every sense of the word!

cathycan said...

wish you could see the shoes better! They were fabulous! You can see the platform, they had really cute straps and a tall, chunky, heel! My mom drove me into downtown L.A. to the Robinson's to buy them.

Connie said...

Love the photo! I used to sew all the time. Made my prom dress in the 70s too. Made my kids jeans, shirts, dresses, underwear, swimsuits then one day, my oldest asked if they could just get store bought! Not sure what to make of that but I don't do much sewing any more.
I'm going to check out your mom's blog.