Sunday, April 4, 2010

{Happy Easter}

Happy Easter!

Isn't that little treat bag so cute? My sweet mom made them for us for Easter. Growing up, she always put together a lovely Easter basket for each of her kids, but as our family started growing with sister and son in laws, the task became too much! So, this year, she made each of us mini "baskets". Aren't they pretty? I just love the vintage Easter tag attached to them!

This year, Andrew and I didn't do an Easter basket for each other. Partly, because neither one of us wanted a bunch of candy, but mostly because we both kind of forgot about it until the last minute.

I wanted to go to Pirate O's (Utah's knock off of the coveted Trader Joes) to get Andrew some of his favorite fancy cheese spread, crackers, and some cream soda, but by the time I thought to drive up (only 15 minutes away), they were closed.


Knowing that Andrew hadn't gotten anything for my basket either though made me feel not so bad. We still wanted to do something for each other, so last night we drove around town looking for an open store so we could buy something to put in each others baskets! Target & Walgreens both close at 10pm, so our last chance place was Walmart...augh.

We walked in and looked Easter candy...not even any Easter decorations! They had already cleared it out to make room for spring/summer stuff! What the heck!? I felt bad for the parents who had also procrastinated, frantically looking around for anything that they could put in an Easter basket.

So we decided to forget about the Easter baskets and just get something small for each other. I settled on a lovely trellis for my garden that was on clearance and Andrew got his cream soda (though it wasn't the fancy brand) and some starbursts. It was easy and it was cheap, but it was okay.

It was a good reminder of the REAL meaning of Easter.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


cathycan said...

You know my motto: it's all in the presentation!
Glad you enjoyed it, I love you guys!

{B} said...

Hey, there is nothing wrong with a trellis and some starburst :)

Connie said...

Sounds like a great Easter to me!

Congratulations on your new job!