Saturday, March 13, 2010

{happy birthday red shoes!}

Last Saturday I helped my mom throw a surprise party for her dear friend Bridgette (aka Life in Red Shoes).

We sent out the invitations a few weeks in advance, bought yummy food, made favors, and when the day came, many of her close friends & family arrived to celebrate her birthday!

The plan was for her to meet at my mom's house, where they would drive together to a restaurant for brunch.

She had no clue brunch was actually at my mom's house.

At 10:30 the doorbell rang. She walked in, (we were all hiding in the family room) my mom greeted her, and said, "Come down here really quick so I can show you something..."
and then...

She was shocked, surprised, and happy...even a bit teary, which I think we all were through out the morning!

After hugs and greetings, we sat enjoyed our brunch!

Fresh strawberries & grapes, delicious quiche & sausage, & scrumptious mini blueberry bundt cakes!

As we ate, Bridgette introduced us to her friends.

Then tearfully, she said, "When one door closes, a window opens. You all are the window that opened and let the light back into my life!"

I'm pretty sure that's when the flood gates least for me!

Bridgette is really one of the neatest women I know. Spunky, funky, & beautiful, inside and out.
It was a wonderful morning full of laughter, good food, and good company.
All good things to feed the soul.

Before our guests left, we made sure they took a little succulent favor to remind them of our fun day!

Happy Birthday Red Shoes! I hope it was a great one!


Natalie Catherine said...

i am in LOVE with that favor idea... and the instruction cards are so cute! that spread is making me hungry...hehe. yay for surprise parties!! how sweet. :)

LikeAstaR said...

Imagine that.. I know Kinsey! I went to school with throughout elementary to high school!! Small world it is!! BTW-- love the favors. and LOE pictures of food.

Connie said...

What good friends you are! She really looks surprised! What a fun favor to send home with everyone!

lifeinredshoes said...

Seriously, I had no idea! But it was without a doubt, one of the best days ever.
Thank you Sweet Shan for helping make this birthday one for the records:)

cathycan said...

It was a great time! Thank you for all of your help. You helped SO much!I love you! (and I love my new light over the dining room table!)

sarah marie p said...

YAY for surprise parties! And yay for brunch! All that food looks so yummy! It sounds like Bridgette really appreciated her special day! So fun! And those lil favors are cute too.

Allisha said...

I want one of those favors k? :) Just teasing. But really....wanna show us how to do them? really....
Oh...and when are you coming to see me? I have shops to show you. Hurry up. :)

The Porter's said...

Thank you for sharing Bridgette's surprise birthday party. I feel like I live a world away but right there as well.
Elaine - childhood friend of Bridgette's