Monday, December 21, 2009

{Happy Post Christmas!}

Oh, it's so good to have the computer working again! We had a minor virus that kept making the computer freeze (hence the lack of posts), but I think it's better now! *phew*

I hope you had a great Christmas! Here are a few things I wanted to post about last week....

~Collaborating with the sibs and putting our architectural skills to good use to design a town of delicious gingerbread houses....

Okay, so technically they're not made from "gingerbread" and I may have let part of an egg yolk slip into my royal icing mixture, which pretty much made it impossible to form a "stiff peak" as the recipe indicated it would, after much whipping...who knew a teensy bit of yolk would do that?

Instead, we improvised with graham crackers and used hot glue guns to hold the structures together. Don't judge.

But they turned out quite lovely in the end, and good times were had by all!

We ended the weekend with our annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

The night was a blast and everyone showed up in their ugliest attire!
(Don't you love our picture backdrop? If this doesn't scream tacky, I don't know what does!)

We also played a hilarious game called Sedarahc, which is like charades but in reverse! If you haven't played it, you must!


McCall said...

i was wondering where you went. ;) you going to wes' b-day dinner on tuesday?

Barbara Jean said...

looking for where to join giveaway


barbara jean

Kristina P. said...

Looks so fun! I always wanted to go to an Ugly Sweater party.

Connie said...

You know how to throw a party! I wore an ugly sweater to my family Christmas party! (because my son dared me, I know, I need to grow up) My mom LOVED it!
Egg yolk ruins everything! Hooray for hot glue guns! Your "gingerbread" houses look adorable!

Anonymous said...

Best party EVER!! Thanks Shan for always having THE BEST parties! Always a good time!!! Love ASH! (The one who looks really ugly in ALL the pics!! ;)

cathycan said...

How did you EVER get Andrew to wear that turtle neck hahahahahahahaha
looks like fun!

breezy-slc said...

love the photos
looks like a lot of fun~

.jimaie.marie. said...

omg, how much flippin fun does this look like!? Seriously.
Makes me wanna move next door to you guys and be your bffs.
...and if that didn't come across a tad bit creepy then I don't know what would ;) LOL!
So glad you had a very merry christmas!!

Gavin & Laura Hansen Family said...

LOVE all your Christmas decorations. And I just love that you have an "ugly sweater" party. What a tradition! :)