Sunday, November 1, 2009

{halloween night}

The hubs and I decided to throw a costume party for Halloween this year. We weren't going to, with both of us being crazy busy, but the thought of seeing our friends & neighbors dressed up was too enticing, so we quickly made some invitations and started stocking up on synthetic spider webs!
The night was a success! Here is just a sampling of the fun that was had!
Axl Rose & Courtney Love - Baseball Player couple- Dog the Bounty Hunter & wife Beth (winners of funniest costume)
Napoleon Dynamite & Pocahontas - Disco Zak & Bobby Soxer - Lt. Dangle from Reno 911(winner of scariest costume) & Jail Bird
Zombie (also winner of scariest costume) - Road Sign Couple (winner of most original) - Cowboy Jim

We had so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came! I hope you all had a great Halloween too!


The Brady Bunch said...

Halloween is the best! I love the costumes!

icandy... said...

Lovin' Lt. Dangle!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Axel Rose and Courtney love would never happen -- they hate each other. Or maybe they love each other and that's why she had Kurt Cobain killed, so her and Axel could be together.....

--blog hopper
(hopped here from Whippy Cake)