Friday, October 30, 2009

{pumpkin carving}

Last night we had our neighbors over to carve pumpkins. Ashley brought over one of those neat-o pumpkin carving kits, and while a few of us attempted to use the templates in the kit, Ashley and Andrew were the only ones to complete it! I tried, however I soon found the tiny pattern & intricate details to be too much for me. Disappointed, I carved another face into my pumpkin that reflected how I really felt about the pumpkin carving kit (see picture at the bottom of page).
Carving on the floor
Brittany reacts to accusations that she's hiding a pumpkin under her shirt, while the rest of us go insane.
From left to right- Ashley's cute monster pumpkin (from the kit- she's got mad skills like that), Ryans Eagles pumpkin (that I originally thought was a phrase in French or know, you'd say it like, "Eeah je les" that maybe meant pumpkin in French, but no...he was referring to the football team the eagles...silly me)!

Next is my pumpkin, looking all sad...or maybe sick...or both. This pumpkin is sad because the back of his head has been carved into, from what started as a neat-o pumpkin kit bat picture. Didn't happen, obviously.

Andrew's pumpkin, on the other hand, is really cool! Much to my surprise, he mastered the neat-o pumpkin carving kit and produced a really creepy pumpkin watching through the blinds masterpiece. Good job, hun!

Brittany's pumpkin is the one all stitched up. She came prepared with a picture as her guide and then free handed it from there! I thought it was a really cute idea to use teflon tape as bandaids. And last, is Chad's pumpkin...*sigh*...what can I say? He almost got kicked out of the house when we realized he was carving a U pumpkin in a house full of Y fans! Aside from the initial design choice, I will say the execution was played out well and the floating U was a cool idea. Just don't sit it on my porch! ;)

P.S. Want to see a really cool pumpkin? Check out my brothers Kanyumpkin!

Yo Barry, I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish carving your pumpkin, but Andrew had one of the best pumpkin designs of all time!


Nichole said...

such a fun evening! they ALL look perfect.

The Brady Bunch said...

I am always amazed at how people can carve pumpkins...I can't even do a normal face pumpkin and have it look right. :P

steph anne said...

Those pumpkins look awesome - my husband did the same one that Andrew did! I posted a picture on my blog (

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Barry Cann said...

Rock on! I like your pumpkins! And thank you for the publicity! :)

cathycan said...

LOL love the Kanye imitation! Maybe Barry should carve a trio: Kanye, Taylor and the lovely Beyonce'!

sarah marie p said...

OOoh the funny monster and creepy pumpkin peering between the blinds are both really cool!

And your pumpkin is just so sad! Awwww poor lil buddy! Sounds like a fun night!