Friday, October 23, 2009

{fashion remix}

Being in the design industry over the past 5 years has brought so many fun opportunities my way! One of the funnest so far was last nights event- IIDA Fashion Remix!

"Fashion Remix is a fashion show, where interior designers will be challenged to create an outfit out of the vendors product they got paired up with. Which could be an ensemble out of carpet, tile, wallcovering, laminate, you name it. The possibilities are endless and the creativity of the interior designers is pushed to the edge."
The night was a HUGE success! Sadly, I forgot my camera and didn't get any pictures of the dress my company sponsored, but here are a few from Jeffery Allred at the Deseret News that will give you a little idea of what the night was like!

Oh, and another huge bonus? Any money that was made was donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Awesome, right? Not only was it a fabulous fashion show, but we helped a good cause. I can't wait to see what next year holds!

This was one of my favorite dresses- the dress was made using DalTile glass tiles & weighed 58lbs!
photo by Jeffery D Allred

This gal rocked the runway! Seriously, her outfit made from 3Form materials was amazing and she was fierce!

photo by Jeffery D Allred

Lee's carpet tile bodice representing urban life- very creative!

photo by Jeffery D Allred

Another fabulous dress, but this one was made out of Arizona Tiles! Rumor has it the dress weighed over 110lbs!

photo by Jeffery D Allred

And last, another favorite dress from the night made with Coalesse wood veneer! The dress was amazing and something I would totally wear!

photo by Jeffery D Allred


Karlie said...

HOW cool would it be to go to something like that. Lucky you! Good luck Monday!

The Russells said...

very, very cool. Glad you posted this!

Lisa K said...

That's more creative than anything done on Project Runway this season!

paula said...

OK-next year-I am your date for this. Seriously. It kills me that I didn't know about this. Very Cool stuff.

Roxanne said...

As a wife of a CFer, thanks so much! Some of those outfits are a bit "out there." 58 pounds? How could the girl even walk?

BECKY said...

I still can't believe the glass tiles didn't get honorable mention... it was amazing!

Bonnie and Clyde said...

Design Gal, just found your blog... love it! Great to see such talent coming out of Utah!!
And I am SO excited you posted pictures of the fashion remix, I wanted to go but didn't find out about it till last minute. How fun that you were able to go!!