Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{on labor day}

One of my favorite things about my birthday is that it falls around Labor Day every year. This means our annual end of summer BBQ, and if you know me, you know I love a party! It was a full house with Aunt & Uncle Waite, cousins, in-laws, & my family! The weather was lovely and the late afternoon sun was the perfect backdrop for visiting & reminiscing about summer activities.

Since we were also celebrating my birthday (see, I told you that I celebrate all week!) I requested a few of my favorite dishes. Andrew's mom brought my favorite chinese noodle salad (seriously, it's scrumptious!), my aunt brought her most delicious pretzel raspberry jello salad, & my mom made her amazing potato salad & home made salsa. Dad's hamburgers were grilled to perfection & the birthday cake dessert was the icing on the cake! No pun intended :)

Pretty Kelly & Teri
Ashlyn & Steve relaxing in the adirondack chairs
And of course, the BBQ wouldn't be complete without a game of football, as the boys jump to catch the ball.
I *heart* cake

And last, here is a picture of my parents house. It's tradition to decorate the house in BYU apparel on game nights, but when we have a win, especially like the one we had Saturday night, we put up the coveted Y light! Go Cougars!
Thanks again for all of your birthday wishes! It was a great week & a perfect end to summer!


Kristina P. said...

My husband's birthday was yesterday, which was perfect!

BECKY said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!! Love the Y lights! And that pic of you with the cupcake is HILARIOUS!

Shayner and Ern said...

aw how fun! I wish my family did things like that!! Happy Birthday again!! Love ya!

Scott and Lindsey said...

Happy B-Day!

Julie said...

It looks like a fun time! But then its aways a fun time when your with family.
Go BYU!!!!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

How fun! I just love get togethers like that! Can you believe the summer is ending?!?! :(

steph anne said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Looks like an awesome time you all had for your Birthday. I absolutely love the spirit you guys have for game nights. I wish our town was like that with anything! I can't wait for Christmas, haha.

Mands Glenn said...

OHh that yard is to die for. I love GREEN! I miss Green being here in Az. The pictures were fabulous and totally let me into your fun labor day and b-day!