Tuesday, August 4, 2009

{so funny!}

family picture blooper of '08- i was taking the picture & andrew was doing a jig

I love that my family is funny. We get our humor from our mom, and though some people say I'm funny too, I don't think my humor compares to my brothers, Ty, Steve, & Barry. They recently went on a family vacation camping together for 9 days. My mom journaled about her experience and I'm being serious when I say this...I pee'd a little from laughing so hard! TMI? Sorry. Anyway, here's just a smidgen of the hilarity that ensued. Read more about the trip on her blog- acannthus.blogspot.com...

Today begins Episode 1 of The Rock Creek Chronicles

On the road from Vegas:

Barry is working on one of the many puzzle books we brought."What's a 7 letter word for playhouse?"

Ty answers, "brothel?"

Do you think driving through Vegas had anything to do with his answer? ;)


The Vreelands said...

That is too funny. I haven't even heard the word brothel for awhile. Hey I found this blog the other day that I thought you might want to check out http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/. Let me know what you think.

cathycan said...

Geez, we sound awful. We just are not one of those nice, quiet, calm families. We are like something out of "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding"

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Your family is so fun! I always loved coming and visiting you at your parent's house... and I just LOVE reading your blog and hearing all the funny things your family does together!

Charlaalldredge said...

Ha ha ah aha I Love that Ty kid! I told Michael and we are both still laughing! I love your family so much. Laughter makes the world a better place. You are a lucky girl. Love ya.