Wednesday, July 1, 2009

{there's no place like home}

I feel like all of my posts lately have started with "sorry for the lack of posts", but I really do have a good excuse....sort of. I'm up in Boise, Idaho for work. Jealous? I know! ;) I haven't posted because I didn't bring my camera and because I am more of a visual person, I like to include pictures in my posts. I did however take pictures with my cell phone camera, but I realized I can't get them off of the phone until I get home and use one of those cords you plug into your phone & the computer. Yes, I know they offer the internet on cell phone now days, and I could email the pictures from my phone, but I'm fighting the urge to get too far into technology these days, so right now, texting & your average phone call is as technologically advanced as my phone gets! We don't even have picture messaging! Don't look at me like I'm driving a horse and buggy people, but I still believe in good, old fashioned letter writing and mailing the letters! *gasp!* Speaking of that, I think I want to start a letter writing club or something so I can get actual mail and not just junk, bills and the occasional value pack of local coupons offering carpet cleaning for only $100 for 3 rooms! Sounds like I need a pen pal!

Anyway, I'm up in Boise and I'm so ready to get home! I have enjoyed working up here this week and I've even found some funky antique & thrift shops on my drives after work (I'll share the treasures I found later when I can upload pictures), but it's the time after dinner that I get so lonely! I hate sitting in my hotel room and I think I've only turned the tv on twice. Once before I went to bed last night and once this morning to watch the news as I was getting ready. I got a pedicure last night which was interesting to say the least (that's a story in itself!), and tonight I went to a movie by myself to pass the time. I saw The Proposal and although I got a few weird looks from the gal selling me a "single ticket", I honestly don't mind going to the movies by myself. There is something empowering about sitting there, enjoying a bag of popcorn while getting totally engaged in a movie! I laughed out loud, and most of the time I was the only one laughing! I'm sure the ladies behind me were thinking, "Who is this gal? Laughing so hard at this movie she's at by herself!" but I didn't care. I fly home tomorrow and I can't wait to see my husband and my cats! I'm looking forward to this weekend to spend time with him, my family, and to enjoy the holiday season!

I'll post more tomorrow about my adventures and my finds!

P.S. I'd love to take a little 2 day thrift store/antique shopping weekend trip with some gals this summer! We need to drive or rent a van that can haul some stuff back home, but wouldn't it be fun to drive up to Idaho or Wyoming and hit up some great, funky stores on the way? Let me know if you're interested!!!


Kristina P. said...

I hope you're having a great time! Drive safe!

Brit said...

If you come by Idaho Falls area - to Jackson Wyoming area - let me know...I'd be game..I could meet up with you girlys :)

and ps, you totally don't really know me...but we could hang out right?


The Smith Family said...

blah... I hate being alone! But I totally would have gone to a movie alone. for sure. Who freakin' CARES! Good for you!
PS. If i wasn't moving I would TOTALLY love to do the roadtrip... DANG!

cathycan said...

*I'm that gal!( the one to go with you and a trailer)
*Brit is absolutely right! Meet up with other bloggers. You already know you speak each other's language or you wouldn't keep reading!
*hahaha, too bad you'll be on Grama's old, creaky, squeeky bed this weekend after your lonely trip away for a week hahahaha...I know... I'm terrible!

sohobutterfly said...

An antiquing road trip sounds divine!! What fun!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

I think you are awesome for going to a movie alone -- and the antique trip would be so fun! Too bad I live too far away... :(

{B} said...

Totally up for that! Let me know!

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